White flag

Being different is not good enough. One has to be different for a reason, and a good one at that, too.
I feel like a lot of people want to be contrary just so they won’t be like everyone else/won’t conform, but uniqueness isn’t something you do, it’s something you are. there’s no point finding out what being on the wrong side of the road is like if you weren’t there in the first place. and not everything the masses do is completely stupid.

this year’s compets are just.. adorable! we’re in the judging period of the competition now – exactly one year ago i was freaking out playing difficult pieces to impress the other CMs who were judging me, little did I know the grass on the other side was not in fact greener and having gotten through the competition now I have to wake at 7am pretty much every day for the next 2 weeks to judge the 7:45am morning concert and also the 6:00pm evening concert. so a CM has to bring breakfast every morning (to make the waking up at 7am slightly more bearable) to feed the rest of us. yesterday we had cinnamon buns from ikea and there was a bunch left over, so KT (my coach) decided to offer some to KG, my friday compet who also does monday mornings. when she asked him if he’d like one he was all worried and went “oh no i can’t! i just ate three bananas!” and we all just burst out laughing. fyi, eating bananas helps you feel less nervous. science myth. but three? hilarious. my calming agent for piano exams/violin exams when i was the accompanist was bacardi – i guess to each his own. today morning’s one apologised to me for “failing” me because of various glitches in her playing since i also coach tuesday morning concerts.

i’m so glad i got the cute ones. heehee. i’ve coached 4 of the 6 people competing this year and it’s all bit hit and miss. there have been times where the playing up the tower actually justifies my being paid to listen to it. at least it hasn’t reached the point where i wish i were paid more. although everyone is so nervous this week! i guess they really don’t want their 10 weeks of time commitment sticking through to the end to end in nothing.



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