Epiphany #2

is not a dog.
He’s a harp seal!

by the by, i want to keep a harp seal. i wonder if that necessitates moving to canada. or we could keep one in the refrigerator. what do you think? everytime you opened the fridge door to get out some milk or a grapefruit it’d be like playing peekaboo. we could make him wear dogbert’s tsar hat!

i like them because they seem to be perpetually supine. plus, they have the adorablest eyebrows i have ever seen. if karma and reincarnation existed harp seals would be the ultimate specie to reincarnate into. if you were good for all your life, perhaps you might be reborn as a cute little harp seal with nothing to do save for frolic around in the cold. and you can stuff yourself as much as you like because the fatter you are, the cuter/warmer you are. (Y)



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