i don’t know what to think.

i guess it’s not something that really bothered me because i’ve always thought that the people who really want to know things will always find a way to procure that knowledge. and the rest who can’t quite be bothered if obviously censored information is thrown at them or who are too ingenuous to detect the berlusconism at hand, well, sucks to be them i mean, that’s really their choice innit. “Up to you lor…” like i used to tell hong quan. Me ne frego.

also i never knew how much bargaining power sg really had. i mean it should be obvious, but i never really considered our english-speaking population “highly educated”. i suppose by “highly educated” you mean that many people have a specialised skill, but not necessarily in the crossword-solving, pub quiz sense of the word that involves actually knowing something beyond your chosen field(s). on a separate note, i can’t believe i missed trivia night at the straight last thursday to study for italian. it was worth it, in a pinch, but ohhhh. nicole and i have always talked about forming a team. while i’ve never been much of a physical karang guni, i have always been a mental karang guni and there is a scow-load of junk in my brain that is just begging to be recognised.

i know, i know my respect of people should not be tied to their intelligence.
but o Dio how difficult that is to do! how do you condescend to love us? how do you condescend to love me? how do you see what i could be instead of what i am? i am too myopic and small-minded to even grasp what your power can do to people, least of all to me. would that all the trivia in my piffling mental faculties were exchanged for a lifetime of your cosmogonal perspective. are we amusing? tell me. are we your “calculated silliness”? fatuous little humans, persisting in existing bewitched by and within of our selves (what enthralling selves!), constructing our own universes to order, when one already exists, one so perfect in its humanity and its need for you that its imperfect inhabitants fail to perceive its perfection?

ricordati, sempre ricordati…



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