I love grapefruit deliveries! <3

Praveen was in my room ytd and saw the grapefruit and asked me if i had a grapefruit cutter and I did! he was dead impressed. and said he knew it, if anyone in the entire building had a grapefruit cutter it had to be me (although it was really ze’s idea to get one). btw. a grapefruit cutter looks like this where you halve the grapefruit and then shove the knive in to section it it is wicked awesome and makes grapefruit for breakfasts just like the kind caroline and i had at jury’s inn in croydon. that was the best english breakfast we’ve ever had, with the tommy toes baked? grilled? just right. she’s one of my favourite people to travel with and i wish she were here :( she makes any trip feel like a proper holiday, without the silly touristy things but also with the complete bochap-ness that is v. necessary for all holidays. such a breath of fresh air from holidays with yr parents who are forever nagging at you to get dressed or to go for dinner or to go for this activity or that. the price you have to pay when someone else foots the bill i guess. both of us would bring a bunch of books (without previous planning) and just stay in bed with tea and read the night away.. she’d make snarky remarks about the cliches in the books i brought while i’d make snarky remarks about the stupid characters in the books she brought. it was all very squabbly old couple-y. if only she didn’t spend so much on her WoW i’d be able to steal her away for a vacation somewhere. perhaps post-uni.

in other news. i got accepted by 2 profs for summer research in my first batch of emails, which is just as well i didn’t send out the next few batches or i’d have to decline more of ‘em. there’s one from brunel (west london) and one from manchester, and i’m leaning toward the manchester one cause the prof made himself sound v. friendly/slack and not at all because manchester is maybe a half hour train ride away from the peak district and pemberley.



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