i should win a prize for having the most retarded boyfriend ever. i don’t know, we’ve taken so many photos the past few days and somehow he always manages to muster up his most retarded impression right before the shutter closes. i mean, i know he’s not, but those pictures are pretty darn convincing. some will make it into my retards album on fb :)

do you think it speaks of more or less sentiment when one decides not to keep any of the couply memorabilia like movie stubs or concert programmes or even pictures of meals cooked together? because there will be so many of them in future if you keep all that not-junk each time you’re likely to run out of steam when you become old and married and not-disillusioned but i don’t know, sensible. so you might as well preempt that can’t-be-bothered-anymore-ness and not bother to collect any of these thingummies.

on the one hand you seem to have lost some of that youthful naivete and excitement in treasuring every little thing you’ve done together, but on the other hand you’re exhibiting your arrogance commitment in thinking it’s gonna last forever.

break is going swimmingly. and the grapefruit beer tastes pretty… grapefruity :)



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