hehehe i feel rich again. since the fedwire transfer for the next 6 months just completed. yay!
i remember when i was so penniless in rgs (penniless = forgot to draw money from the atm) when i found a 10 cent coin in my pocket i would declare to all and sundry that my fortune had increased a whole 200 percent. ‘wealth’ becomes so dramatic when you have so little to start with. and the whole time i was mooching about in the UK i really looked forward to returning here where i would be rich again, relatively speaking :P my funds in the UK were far too finite for my liking.

we went to wegmans today and bought half the store.. now there’s enough grapefruit and grapefruit peeler and angel hair pasta and haagen daz and TERRY’S CHOCOLATE ORANGES in my room to last a war. yum. (mainly it’s cause the campus dining locations aren’t open.. we think.) don’t really like cooking here coz i’m used to my own kitchen which has everything.. as compared to here which has nothing.. but no choice. we’ll just make do with simple things. english breakfasts and pasta and instant noodles/instant soup and the like.

the one thing that depreciates in worth upon completion is a jigsaw puzzle. then it ceases to be a puzzle and is just a pretty picture that can be far more effortlessly gotten with a decent laserjet.

i wonder why people here are so neurotic about you being of age to purchase alcohol. even when i walked up to ze at the checkout at wegmans after i’d checked my own things out, they carded me; i wasn’t even the one purchasing the alcohol! we got grapefruit beer haha. shall report on what that tastes like ^^



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