While I love doing the crossword with other people (because i get to find out exactly how much/what kind of useless information they choose to store) sharing is sometimes difficult because then you only get to solve about half of the normal clue load. assuming the person you’re doing it with is worth his salt, of course. so your sense of achievement goes down by about 50%. o the sacrifices i make for you.

sensitivity is a double edged sword. it’s excellent when one is sensitive to other people’s feelings. and not so hot when one is sensitive to his own feelings. but i guess you can’t have one without the other.

mr. hau emailed me yesterday! i wish i’d scrabbled with him, because he’d be such a fun person to scrabble with. i remember our private little game where i get extra points for inserting frivolous words at his whim into my GP essays, words like ‘dandy’, after i told him about hanchen’s Cheesecake Challenge. pparently he’s doing well in penang writing for the newspaper (in malay???) and might be heading to hawaii next but refuses to visit on account of distance :( (what am i not cool enough huh huh huh) i liked him because he makes no bones about my personality defects, of which there are many. he’s the one who kindly informed me that my GP classmates were scared of me, and that i really should try to be more open/approachable/less snarky (hah!) during our lunchtime tête-à-têtes. i mean i really couldn’t care less if they were but he thought it would be helpful for my Character Growth to be more human and less disdainful. he also taught me 2 new words :P a feat that i cannot honestly claim of most of my english teachers – poser and denouement. haha super sad right. i didn’t know a poser meant a question to be puzzled about, and when he commented that i had a fantastic denouement for one of my essays i just nodded along in convincing comprehension.

i told him about the boyfriend because he used to tease hq and me and was so excited about the taming of his shrew. and his reply was so cute! he wants DETAILS. sounds just like any of my girlfriends/ correspondents. i’m so tired of writing the same thing over and over and over again I should just issue a press release or something.



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