79: sei tu?

Qualis nox fuit illa, di daeque,
quam mollis torus. Haesimus calentes
et transfudimus hinc et hine labellis
errantes animas. Valete, curae
mortalis. Ego sic perire coepi.


3 pensieri su “79: sei tu?

  1. yeah. rexroth seems to take plenty of liberty with his translation. i like both but the modern one sounds more you, especially the last line. and who are you calling a lazy bum huh huh huh (i the kettle you the pot)
    wondering if i shld read it in context or out of.

  2. haha not lazy bum! one of the translations says “sluggard!”, but another says, “Just lying there, sleepy-head?” I prefer the 2nd one :P and it works both in and out of context, though to read it fully IN context would be stretching it a little :P (the irony!)


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