Procrastination central

Don’t feel like doing math (mainly because i can’t) so here goes.
1. just realised that a lot of books on my shelf are very un-pg for kids. they’ll have to be hidden away on the top shelf or in a book safe sometime! things like the perry bible fellowship almanac and oh my goodness all the stephen fry (especially the autobiography) and alan bennett and haruki murakami. i wonder what an appropriate age to expose kids to that kind of literature would be. perhaps pbf has no literary value and shld be locked up for good, but i tend to think the stephen fry ought to be shared at some point. how much does wit justify sickness do you think?

2. have been wearing one earring in my right ear and nothing in my left ear coz i think the left ear hole is closed, or on it’s way to being closed. apparently wearing an earring in just yr right ear means you’re gay. :o isn’t that funny? i’ve been unconsciously beeping on people’s gaydars since december.

3. and did you know that underwear has sizes? or am i the only noob who doesn’t know that. in my defence my mum has always bought my underwear the first time i bought underwear for myself was about 2 weeks ago when i realised that i was doing so much laundry (once every 1.5 weeks) because i was running out of underwear. with the amt of clothes i have i could probably go for >3 weeks without doing laundry! so i decided this had to be rectified immediately with the purchase of new undies, and me being me just picked the cutest things off the shelf (which were in a box). big mistake! they were like parachutes. who knew underwear had sizes?? i always assumed they were a one size fits all, like socks. anw i got them changed so it’s all good.

4. what do you think is a healthy degree of book repetition between a couple? the last time i went to jen’s house up in cayuga heights there were so many repeated books on her and her husband’s shelves (both math majors too i think) incl AWIT and various christian books. we were discussing our book redundancy the other day and realised that we’ll have a tonne of repeated textbooks if we keep taking the same classes. and i don’t wanna sell my books because of all the quaint grumpy-old-man remarks i jot in the margins when i read. likely he doesn’t want to sell his either coz he actually makes useful annotations as compared to my completely random grumblings about grammar and other pedantic musings. so i guess we’ll just have lots of doubles. things get even more disgusting when some of the books i have in singapore are not here with me now so i just buy them off amazon = triplicates! thankfully he’s not as extravagant as me so we don’t have quadruplicates in that manner. the book i got him last yr for his birthday was a copy of something i already had on my shelf, but i never expected to get together with him so that was unforeseeable or i’d have just given him my copy.

i think you should have at least 5 books repeated in yr collective library for the rship to have any hope of survival. maybe 3, in a pinch. but no less.

5. discussed this with two separate people recently (a purely intellectual exercise, not getting any ideas) how the word ‘mistress’ has no male equivalent in our ultra gender neutral english language. this is not a new topic in any way, of course, as a simple googling of “male mistress” will reveal. knave? gigolo? hardly have the same connotations.

6. evan’s been coming religiously for my tuesday morning concerts to hear the rag. i hope he gets through! the first round of the competition are the silent auditions up the playing stand this saturday, and so friday i’ll play my last full concert for what looks like the rest of this sem before i get two peons underlings next week, who will hijack the rest of my concerts and get coaching from me. joy. well depending on how many kiddos we take in this yr i’ll have more than enough opportunity to play next sem given how we’re gonna be severely understaffed. 50 compets this yr, surely 10% of ‘em will be decent?


Un pensiero su “Procrastination central

  1. i actually do have a few duplicates à la point 4… and some triplicates too! if our replicates coincide, we’ll have up to hexplicates!


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