Seeming summer

I miss my goma ice cream :(
They have red bean ice cream here, and even matcha ice cream that is i suppose half decent, but no goma! T-T i love the one at azabu sabo. or even the soft serve at pepper lunch. least the cravings are hitting late this year and i’m still not that keen on flying back even though my mummy says she’ll fly me back after my research. which reminds me that i have to actually -find- my research position. somewhat tempted to take up amanda’s offer to do it in NZ. More winter!

have got 2 cards and a cake! and counting. but it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore because i haven’t actually recovered from the last bewitchment. it’s just another year anyhow, i don’t see what all the fuss turning 21 is about. it’s not even a prime. it doesn’t suddenly make you ready for more things. it doesn’t make you graduate from school. it doesn’t entitle you to a job. it doesn’t mean that you’ve suddenly matured and become an adult by the world’s oh-so-meaningful measure just because you’ve added another year to yr life. it’s completely arbitrary! and i’m not so foolish as to think i’ve grown significantly by dint of 21 years of life to merit any sort of hurrah.

and we’ve (or at least i’ve) decided to stick around for spring break and get cracking on that amazon backlog. it’s so nice to have someone who can make any place seem like a holiday without having to actually travel.
there are so many places in ithaca that will never be just as they were anymore because of you.

i’m thinking back-to-back movie marathons
i’m thinking nodame cantabile
i’m thinking long romps in the snow (or out of the snow)
i’m thinking crosswords every morning with cups of tea
i’m thinking scrabble(-bluff) at night
i’m thinking curled up with a book and never-getting-out-of-bed!

‘twill be such a relief to finally be able to buy new books on amazon after that exquisitely torturous lent.
***update: praveen’s with some chick from the orchestra oh my how SNEAKY! he was so.. gleeful telling me about it it was adorable. told me to go for her concert this sunday (orchestras feeding america, this concept where you go for a concert and instead of paying for a ticket you bring a non-perishable food item that is redirected to the less fortunate) and when i asked him if he was going, he shrugged “maybe” and i told him how fortunate she was to have him.



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