why i said yes

because people have been asking, including himself. to make sure i am making an informed, sentient decision and not jumping into things blindly. the question will be reformulated as “what’s the point of going out with him.”
1. 5% to share the dining hall waffle with me because they are too large.
2. 5% to eat all the food i pick off my meals coz im a fussypot.
3. 5% to drag me around in a wagon so i don’t have to walk.
4. 5% to carry my stuff for me when it’s heavy (30% of the time) or when i’m lazy (100% of the time).
5. 5% to keep my hands warm in the cold
6. 10% to play the music i love on the guitar (O.o im going out with a guitarist oh no how typical least he’s classical and not one of those strumming noobs)
7. 10% for hugs when i’m despairing or stressed.
8. 15% for pointing me in the Right Spiritual Directions that my life so desperately needs
9. 10% to read poetry to me. eliot! burns! pushkin! yeats!
10. 10% to go to concerts/plays/etc. with me
11. 10% to pay for stuff for when i begin my career as a professional fannullone
12. 10% for the enrichment/entertainment of my mind

and its conjugate, what’s the point of going out with me?
1. 10% just because i’m me.
2. 10% for his cultural/musical education/exposure
3. 10% because i am an awesome cook.
4. 5% for my ability to choose the right clothes for him
5. 5% because i can play music that he likes on the piano
6. 5% because i like math too.
7. 5% to read poetry to him
8. 10% to do all the things he is inept at
9. 15% to “do him good, and not evil, all the days of her life.”
10. 5% to be a professional mole decorator
11. 10% to accept him just as he is.
12. 10% ?
kinda ran out of uses for myself at the end haha. let you decide.
i think a large part of my philosophy of living is not to be one of those crucial people that always get you out of fixes and who are super useful and who are the go-to person in their cliques.
i’d rather be Wilde’s conception of beauty- completely useless, but for some inexplicable reason one of those things you just can’t live without.
isn’t it far nicer to be loved for nothing at all? people can’t put your value down to anything, because you don’t do anything for them apart from being.

how lovely to be loved for being! you don’t have to try to do anything, you don’t have to change yourself to please someone else, all you have to do is to be.

so i said yes
because i am i, and you are you.


Un pensiero su “why i said yes

  1. 12. to hold my hands, and to hold my heart

    i see you’ve taken “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” literally :)

    i think each of your percentage points is worth more than mine. haha but i guess there’s nothing wrong with getting the longer end of the stick :) you’ll just have to settle for the shorter one :P

    and not only are you you and me me, but i’m more me when i’m with you than when i’m with others… so i guess i should add:

    13. because, by your presence, you make me me


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