It’s finally over.
i’m also officially screwed for the rest of the week.

even though it was totally draining and filled with hopelessness i can’t say i didn’t enjoy it. like the bits where three geps hang out night after night after night, torturing themselves with a program that doesn’t work, getting high on caffeine and each other’s company. after awhile everyone was just saying the strangest things and talking to themselves and responding to each other’s talking to themselves in the most surreal fashion, and everyone was laughing. at everything. pretended to be a no life engineer overnighting in duffield, even slept for an hour on one of their couches to get the complete engineering experience and it was depressing. the place was filled with ‘em friday night! and saturday night! and sunday night! O.o

sorta like pregnancy. after all the pain, i can’t imagine why someone would want to go through the whole thing all over again. if i ever had to go through it i think i’d swear off the experience for life. in fact i can probably swear off it now lol. but it seems even though we’ve been through this once, somehow we forgot how painful it was and promptly signed ourselves up for another dose of sleep deprivation for some unfathomable reason. masochism? we’re not even going to win anything.. tangible. i guess a part of me felt bad if i were to waste the school’s sponsorship of us for the competition. although given the amount i pay for tuition (or someone does, at any rate), i should feel entitled to their sponsorship.

it’s also rather nice to find out how much of a subject you can grasp given 4 days of concentrated work.

someone had to bear the brunt of my whiny emails and general unhappiness and hopelessness at the utter futility of what i was doing. but he took it like a man~ and brought us lots of energy food. boyfriends are a brilliant idea why haven’t i thought of it before! he also passed my mum’s and chris’ interrogations with flying colours (the aunty 杀手 has successfully 杀ed all the aunties in my life they’re all more besotted with him than i am at present). but he didn’t pass mingsee’s/my dvd test (which is of course the most important one); in fact he failed worse than miserably but that’s okay, i can’t expect not to have any work to do at all.

poor tiffy has 2 prelims tmr. i had one but i moved it to wednesday, fat lot of good that does given my analysis proposal is due tmr, i have to review an italian movie by friday, my prova d’ascolto e di lettura was moved to wednesday, there is the combi problem set due thurs and the analysis problem set due fri. ALL of which are undone/unstudied for. and none of which i have any time to do.

italian vocab for the day: fannullone. that’s my ambition. i want to be a fannullone. it’s easy to parse: fa (do) – nulla (nothing) -one (person) = fannullone.



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