In love
first you engage intellectually,
then you engage emotionally,
then you engage physically.
At any rate, physicality should be your final consideration, because it hardly involves consideration; and the things that aren’t considered are frequently the most dangerous.

Realisation is slowly trickling down to me as the congratulations come in. I have a feeling a lot of people are really more excited than me about it. mainly because i still can’t quite believe that something that beautiful could ever happen to me.


2 pensieri su “Caution

  1. excitement is for those who watch, anticipate, spectate.
    we’re too busy enjoying to be excited.
    and it seems to me the beauty lies in the fragrance of love, the beauty which was always there, but the beholder wanting.

    is the guideline by chris? at any rate,
    1st -> Fall, Winter ’09
    next -> Spring ’10
    next -> ?
    We seem to have followed it pretty well

  2. haha no that’s my opinion of a pretty good (workable) order.
    chris will probably inform you of her guidelines (if any) shortly, or make you come up with your own. i emailed some to you!

    tis the beauty that makes poetry become real.


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