while having the library session for italian the other day, we chanced upon
Nuovissimo Vocabolario Illustrato della Lingua Italiana. signore muratori was browsing through it and discovered no less than 60 words stemming from Berlusconi that have infiltrated the italian language. One can hardly be surprised given how he owns basically every channel and newspaper in the country.
one of the funniest definitions was,
Berlusconite: Un atteggiamento eccessivamente ottimistico, tipico di Silvio Berlusconi che tende a distorcere la realtà dei fatti.
the class totally cracked up when he read that out. SB’s so notorious there’s literally an adjective for his fudging around!

another awesome italian word:
Criptogastronomia: wait for it –
L’arte di cucinare le carni di animali fantastici, misteriosi, e leggendari.
Because of COURSE you need a word to describe culinary methods for grilling a unicorn.

There’s also an italian verb specifically for covering a person in flour but we learnt it a year ago and it currently evades me.


Un pensiero su “Berlusconite

  1. muratori as in muratorium canon? you should ask him if he’s related.

    and you can probably smoke a lot of people by telling them tt cryptozoology is a hybrid field between computer security and biology


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