House of Dreams

Inspired by a comment some time back, and also Scott Adam’s Ultimate house design.

What would you have in your house of dreams?

1. A walk-in book closet. There will be one room designated to be the walk-in closet for books. Covering the entrance of the room will be a huge wardrobe with its back sawn off, and it’s inside filled with ithacan winter wear. certainly the house will look a bit smaller (missing a whole room, to be specific), but how cool would it be! kids don’t get a bedroom? no problem, just give ‘em the couch. tell them it’s like having a personal tv in their room since their room would then be the living room. and i’d love for my kid to have to explain to his friends that his parents thought he was less important than a roomful of books. and how neat would it be to have a secret nook in yr house that you don’t tell yr kids about until they discover it when they’re like ten or something? it would be the best secret ever to uncover- like the secret garden, but better.

2. A grand piano. non negotiable. Preferably a yamaha c3? not that ex and not that poky maybe SGD 37-40k? haha i dream big now but hey i could dream bigger. that room should also have a computer/printer/copier, with ready access to imslp so i can print off whatever i want to play on the spot.

3. A hammock in the living room. Just for lazing around in, when someone doesn’t feel like doing housework, or work, or any sort of chore. must be in close proximity to the kitchen, so i can laze about there while waiting for things to bake while keeping an eye on the oven.

4. A sound system in the bathroom. Waterproof, of course. with a huge selection of classics for my every bathing mood. i suppose a tub would be a huge waste of water but gosh do i like smelling like a mermaid.

5. Mahjong/card table in the kitchen. Or the kitchen table could be a mahjong table. hmm. Most mahjong gatherings involve prodigious amounts of food/ice cream so it makes things more convenient to just play in the kitchen. the normal table should be a quaint affair though, in the manner of Mansfield’s Camomile Tea:
We might be fifty, we might be five,
So snug, so compact, so wise are we!
Under the kitchen-table leg
My knee is pressing against his knee.

6. Would like a fireplace. Only it’s not too feasible in singapore. But wouldn’t it be nice to recreate the following?
Our shutters are shut, the fire is low,
The tap is dripping peacefully;
The saucepan shadows on the wall
Are black and round and plain to see.

7. A scribble wall. for random scribblings, math workings, thoughts of the day, IOUs, reminders, books to read, THE WEATHER REPORT!, poetry of the moment, pollockian venting. With a little pail of white wash stored in an in-wall cabinet.

8. Polyhedra lamps! I might make them myself from the online template. or just buy them from a manufacturer. those lovely white ones with all sorts of tessellated figures interlocking. or i might make a man ball for myself. presumably by the time i can actually get my own place rgs will be willing to relinquish my manball back to me! i bet the vice principal who hoaxed me into doing it isn’t even there anymore although it IS a really great decoration for the GO i think the colour scheme could have been selected better.

9. The math rug. Hehe this is the lovely welcome rug that will have all sorts of mathematical book-keeping things stitched on its underside, all the details you routinely sweep under the rug in proofs so that you can achieve a significant result. In the manner of functions discontinuous on a set of measure zero. Unless this kind of things can be produced by an obliging company i don’t think this is all that feasible, especially if it involves me stitching those equations on myself. i can think of plenty of people who’d love a rug like that though, like all my profs so wonder if it can be manufactured in bulk somewhere.

10. No gym equipment. Ever. except maybe those little finger flexing things.

11. A grandfather clock. Rather important, but not as important as the piano. or a molecule clock. either or, i’m very easy going one hahaha.

12. One of those book mobile things that suspend books above yr bed so you can read in bed :) without getting hand cramps from holding the book up. of course some kind of adequate lighting is necessary.

13. A cat! unless it smells. have a faint inkling that cats smell coz my first piano teacher used to have them around the house. in which case i want a puffer fish. but ohh a cat would be adorable.

This will be updated as and when I think of new things.


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