Au revoir les enfants

where is hq??? off being distracted by somegirlthing or another, no doubt.

heehee tis the photo wenhao uploaded that has been recently garnering comments on fb primarily about how “yy so cute!”
haha he really was, i think he was the Pest in our problem statement for Odyssey of the Mind, complete with cape and all although i wouldn’t have thought it at the time lol coz he cut off shawn’s thumb and coz when we were doing the project he told me “you damn bossy you know?” (he was right lol) and coz he was my one serious competitor for top student in rosyth. until i ROUTED him hahaha.
I can’t believe i looked like that once. the guys all got thinner and the girls all got fatter lol.
oh the days when i still had a belt and my school badge was sewn on so i couldn’t lose it. most people get better at comportment and personal grooming as they grow older and more aware, i just get more dishevelled as i cease to care.

now i wish someone had a photo of the glasgow cheer team. (oh yes! i was a cheerleader in primary school! and the rest of the team comprised of the most adorable little boys) think scott was on it. can’t remember who else though but i remember thinking it was hilarious.



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