Cracker Bag

my brother sent me this video.
because it reminded him of me when we were young, when i used to collect snails.

i thought it was so.. poignant. and i do identify with that kiddo.
i was strangely touched (a part of me that isn’t touched very often because it involves sibling-y affection which is for the most part non existent in my life) that he actually took notice of me when i was young. and remembered that i used to catch snails. and this beautiful short actually reminds him of me. that even though i thought he never really registered my existence, he knew me all along, and he got that i was his slightly neurotic kid sister, the kind of kid who would put everything into achieving something she wanted no matter how stupid the cause, the kind of person who would see value in things that everyone else thought completely pointless not because she was trying to be contrary but because she was contrary by nature. all upside down.

my mum says i used to bully him. like when i was learning to speak whenever i said a new word he’d go “very good! very good!” to encourage me (back when he was like 5) but when i got slightly older i started biting him.
oh what a little tyrant i was.

what is the world coming to really.



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