The Persistence of Memory

I love it when you step into linguistics class and the prof is playing coldplay on the sound system for no reason in particular. it’s like walking into a lecture prepared to have your brain juiced for 75 minutes only to have it turn out to be a party. wicked.

The best kind of professors are the ones whose lectures can go overtime without you noticing. practically all my classes this term are pretty engaging.. there’s none of that throat-slitting math 413 when you walk into the classroom where time stands still and you keep glaring at the hour hand of the clock and willing it to move but it staunchly refuses to. whenever italian class ends it always feels too short. i remember the 4 hr music lectures in rj (school admin intelligently scheduled the h2 and h3 lectures back to back) where caroline and i would draw a time bar (like in a computer game? say Bejewelled. or Maze.) every friday and colour it in at half hour intervals to when the lecture would end. it’s not like the lectures were uninteresting (well sometimes they were.. a bit trivial and you can’t really multitask coz the class is so small) but 4 hrs is madness. even labs here aren’t that long.

wang zhong is so strict with his girlfriend! she’s kinda a beginner at bridge like me (i.e. noob) and was asking him what she should bid when he was like “i’m not here” and refused to say anything else so forcing her to think for herself. haha i’m so glad jingyee and hanrong are not like that. although i probably do need that kind of disciplinarian so i will stop relying on other people’s skill and actually cultivate my own. right after each game he gives her a post mortem of all the stuff she did wrong so she’d improve, which is great, if not a little terrifying (i’m turning american! post mortem is probably an integral part of bridge club in singapore but when someone does it here it seems overly critical). bailey/jy do that a little for me but in a far gentler way, maybe because i already seem so meek when i’m playing, scared of making mistakes, scared of annoying them with my noobitude. and jy knows i quit rj bridge because of his unforgiving juniors. i wonder if the fact that ella is wz’s girlfriend gives him the leeway to be stricter because his love for her is implicit or if it should inspire him to be gentler. hmm. i used to think he was kinda weird (haha) but don’t anymore upon further scrutiny he’s actually quite nice! actually remembers my name and talks to me (big contrast with mathsoc guys yo.) and cycled alongside with me while i was walking back to north campus cause my ahem drivers did not come. (p.s. doing a 500 word philo writeup is no excuse! it’s 500 words! the kind of thing you can write in yr sleep. that is, if you dream about things like omnipotence paradoxes..)

noobitude is far more tolerable when the noob in question is at least aware of it and apologetic for it.

here’s a bit of mingsee’s email: (her birthday just passed)
man i think you got more presents upon getting back to cornell than i did on my birthday. okay, you DID get more presents. (i was trying to elucidate the difference between presents from girls and presents from boys :P ask if you want to know.) what’s this! lol. you really have nothing to complain about even if nobody bothers to get you anything for your bday (which i highly, highly doubt)…’cos i think it means a lot more if people get you presents for no particular reason than if they only get you stuff only on special occasions like birthdays…at least you know you’re thought about all the time.
which is quite true. so thank you, all of you. everything was quite lovely, girl AND boy presents. haha. (to contextualise, a bunch of my friends here brought stuff back for me from wherever they went to over break so it’s not like completely out of the blue)

there’s a whole slew of birthdays coming up it’s scary. just posted a book to mila today for next week (John O’Farrell! yay.) and zheng yu’s birthday just passed (my analysis/ping pong buddy)(ack should have gotten him a dvd or something he’s an even bigger movie junkie than i am with the difference that he only watches classics lol and views my romcoms with a thin but very present veneer of disdain) and sindy’s birthday is coming and i probably owe everybody dinner which i don’t mind only i don’t have time!!! bah. i wonder if they’ll mind having dinner ordered online with my card and delivered to their house without my having to be there hahaha.



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