oh crap

tab records their evening services. chris said she listened to my special music item twice again and i was like O_O wait what?!? and she said she got the evening service cd from church O_O i completely forgot about that and then she added “yeah! i also have the one you did the last time with the trumpeteer..” and i totally flipped. oh man. i should really THINK before i sign up for these things and have my mistakes immortalised on cd. when i agreed to do it for yesterday’s service i thought to myself i really shouldn’t if i can’t play something comparable to pastor richard’s wife or it’d be so.. 班门弄斧 (haha thank you for the cool chinese vocab) they’ve already been spoilt with judy’s amazing playing y’know don’t go and embarrass myself by volunteering to provide lesser music. so if i agree to do it i’d better come up with something decent and i’d better PRACTISE! i guess that’s the primary reason i miss home. i have my piano there, one i can practise on anytime i want and one that is not manky or untuned or anything. (actually i’m not so sure about the tuning right now but last summer it was alright) and that sounds pretty gd.

i thought my playing was terrible. but then i can’t really remember when i last thought my playing was decent. the worst part is it wasn’t even difficult.

anyway. need. to. level. up. FAST!

have decided that my next project shall be…. the Tempest! yes i know, small, achievable goals first. there was a chopin piece running through my head when i was in york but haven’t put a title to the tune yet so the Tempest will sort of be a warm-up to that.
this little gobbet is just for me to remember. when rich was driving us to church yesterday for the evening service we arrived at 6.10 or thereabouts when the service was starting at half-past. and chris was surprised that the parking lot was already so crowded, and guessed that it was probably because they had the easter cantata practice at 5. then rich said it was full because they knew that i was going to play so everyone came early and my heart just melted right there and then. and he said it in such a gruff, offhanded, rich-y way it was the sweetest thing ever. it doesn’t look like he notices anyone, much less remembers our names because he doesn’t say much, but when he does say something what impact it has!


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