Scrabble play

Found this on the HDD the other night :D
bet none of you who have been involved remember any of this; neither do i for that matter, which makes it so interesting.

#1 Mr. Lock vs. me.

no bingos, terrible misuse of the Q, BALLON was excellent scrabblese, i remember looking that up in the OSPD to satisfy our good friend, who disbelieves me whenever i put any slightly obscure word.

#2 Mr. Gooi vs. Grace vs. me.

I remember this one. It was one rather late evening in the mep room when mr. gooi was about to go home and wanted to lock up when we lured him into a game with us. This was the one where he put FIRN and i was like wowow what’s this pro word even I don’t know and asked him and he was like “don’t have firn meh? you know, firn, the plant..” T-T i wonder how he copes now, spelling-wise, without me. The next teacher’s day we gave him a firn, complete with the ‘FIRN’ label on the pot because i couldn’t let it go ^^
ATLANTIC was an awesome bingo and so was INFIELDS

#3 Mr. Lock vs. Jeremy vs. me

an improvement. no prizes for guessing who put the SLEAZY. (okay maybe some background. hq and jeremy were the exco/only members of the NGO in rj, or the No Girlfriend Organisation, which was formed because they couldn’t get any girls they didn’t want girlfriends or something to that oh-so-credible effect. consequently much of their time was spent vicariously spying on their friends with girlfriends and shaking their head in disapproval/envy :P) TINKLES was a great bingo if not for the fact that it opened up the TWS, complete with a free gift ‘K’. !! i just realised we didn’t start in the middle (see the star?). must be hq in one of his subversive/creative moods. “why must we start in the middle? why can’t i start at the side if i feel like it?” just like kyle, whom i allowed to put words backward the other day because there wasn’t a really good reason to not have words that go backwards.

#4 Grace vs. me round 1

this was in tcc in citylink after we were browsing through the biennale artwork in SAM. see the yellow light of the cafe? quite spidery but not spidery enough. (if you look at the birmingham one later you will see that we have deproved.)

#5 Grace vs. me round 2

ooh check out EXODUS. we seem to keep wasting the top row of TWS though.

#6 Zheng Yi vs. me

UNSTRAPPED takes the cake. much better words, but hey i was playing with a humanz student.

#7 The one in Birmingham (Xiumin vs Grace vs me)

rather long waterfall in SE (layering is a relatively noob technique btw) xiumin had 2 blanks on one turn and could have bingoed with ?A?OUSE or A?OUSE? (care to find the bingo? ‘snot very hard) over the TWS in the bottom but did not think of it in time and ended up with ABUSED. halfway into the game there was a very small shy voice. “er.. is ‘porn’ a word?” and we looked it up and it was! although i didn’t think scrabble accepted abbreviations. and then even later… “if ‘porn’ is a word, is ‘porny’ a word?” lol.

#8 The one in Cambridge (Clara vs. Mf vs. me)

First game of the year! hopefully not the last. the power tiles were used pretty well in here with a double QI and a TUX/OX both on DLS.

gg i cut my thumb how to play for church tmr.


Un pensiero su “Scrabble play

  1. HUH!! i got play so much scrabble against you meh? I thought the logical thing to do is to run away when you come waving with the scrabble board.

    Now that I think of it, YEAH! i remember! For a while, I was leading you somemore. hahaha! I can’t believe I can even form five letter words as well


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