Course discourse

I just dug out my 223/224 notes for lin min from the recesses of my bed. i have v. useful summaries i think, if you can get past the handwriting haha. such lovely memories of that class.. and lovely drawings.. and lovely proofs!
i still remember the day i was multitasking in mathlect. Hubbard walked up to me at the end of lect, eyes twinkling and mock-huffy and said “Are you actually doing a crossword in my class? Clearly I have not made the lecture challenging enough! Expect more difficult material on thursday!” and all the boys were laughing at me.

i wasn’t even sorry. although i have stopped doing crosswords in lect now cause i felt like i wasn’t really imbibing anything last sem.

we are using gtm for my analysis course (functions in one complex var). lecturer’s brilliant but do we really have to use gtm?? there’s a reason why it’s G-TM and not U-TM y’know. maybe ramakrishna’ll be so brilliant that he can make the G feel like a U. btw, did you know you can download a whole bunch of GTM from springerlink via yr cornell account? and it’s legal! for example, my cpx analysis tb is available right here.

my laptop has been v. promiscuous of late. it conjugated with gareth’s HDD last yr and is enjoying a slow canoodling with derrick’s e-snail-mail (a concept he developed last yr where we post a little thumbdrive full of gobbets of interesting music/films back and forth) and now with ze’s laptop. naughty naughty naughty. but it’s interesting to see the bits and bytes different people store in their disks. i got a tonne of contemporary/classical music + ebooks from gareth and various world music + pastoral japanese/greek performances from derrick and a lot of oldies + musicals + guitar music from ze! i don’t really know why my laptop’s so heterosexual either but i have an inkling that guys (at least those that are my friends, whom we have established not to be typical guys) take more pride in information collection than girls, and actually bother downloading/ripping and putting together music/films/books that they like for personal entertainment. or it could be that they all just had too much time (slash latent mental faculties) in the army and had to resort to such hobbies to prevent their brains from atrophying completely. in any case, i get to share the results of their hard work so i’m not complaining :P. i mean, i spent my entire winterbreak with hordes of girls but not once did anyone suggest any sort of one-night-stand for our laptops which is kind of strange.

all my classes have been pretty amazing so far despite the crazy workload, and i think i’m going to enjoy this sem very much. analysis this sem is such a breath of fresh air compared to last sem (i.e. no more multitasking!), and italian is crazy at this level but then i was getting kinda lazy in the first yr classes anyway. and fabio offered to rescue me if i shld need it after i totally whined about how NON CAPISCO NIENTE and how CERTAMENTE BOCCERÒ and how ODIO LE PREPOSIZIONI.
signorina thng, ganbatte ne~



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