Point form #7

1. Guess! what! Derrick! Ng! Got me! From! Japan!

can’t wait to do it, although i’m not sure how i’m going to put it up.

and here are sonya’s insult buttons she got when she was at stratford-u-avon because she thought they’d come in especially useful to me.

the bottom left corner one is on my bag already.
(here’s a glare in the general direction of people who are too-busy-to-write-to-me but not-too-busy-to-mug-for-pub-quizzes! thou art a boil.)

my love language isn’t actually gifts. it’s quality time together.. (okay im lying i actually like ‘em ALL coz im greedy that way :D) just that when i’m so far away from everyone this is as good as it gets~ but i like giving gifts, especially since they normally require very little effort if you’re buying something on the spur of the moment. i don’t like having to search for gifts for a specific occasion (yeah ms i’m looking at you, fussy little thing.), but i like accidentally seeing something that i think someone else will like and buying it for him/her.

2. in other news.. so much mail! so little time! appel mail staff has changed but the people at the counter continue to give me wry looks and mutter “do you always (have to) get this many packages..” haha so i ordered a meerkat beanie (as in the stuffed toy, not the hat) for my daughter’s 21st which is coming up soon since she adores meerkats. and also 2 dvds. oh yeah, none of my school books have arrived yet. nor the G&S soap :P

3. i um accidentally sent my ipod through the washing machine in the pocket of my hoodie (hey at least i realised halfway and didn’t send it through the dryer as well) and it actually came out unscathed! apple takes one for technology.

4. after flying my gournay cheese back squashed in the side pocket of my suitcase, i realise it’s available in wegmans. oh yes.

5. The amount of food in my room can soon rival the amount of food in Chris’ basement. O.o too bad ry is not here to help. :((

6. i emailed caro fabio in a sad bid to revive my italian. (yes that’s the real reason!)
Ciao Fabio!
Sono Ivana.. la ragazza di Singapore un po’ matta che andava al Bella Italia per due lunedì consecutivi.. per il cibo o per i camerieri carini.. non lo so. :P
(yah i know stop flirting already)
Sono già tornata all’America.. ed il mio semestre comincerà domani. :(
Prenderò un altro corso dell’Italiano questo semestre ed il libro che leggeremo è Il Gattopardo..
Qui è la foto che abbiamo fatto insieme. :)
Sei su facebook? :)


[it-en: Hello Fabio! This is ivana.. the slightly-crazy girl from Singapore who went to Bella Italia for two consecutive mondays.. for the food or for the cute waiters.. i don’t know. :P I have already returned to America, and my semester starts tomorrow. :( I am taking another Italian course this semester and the book that we are reading is The Ocelot. Here is the photo that we took together. :) Are you on facebook?]

and he replied!
Ciao Ivana
Sono molto contento ti sia ricordata di spedirmi la fotografia.
Complimenti per il tuo quasi perfetto italiano. Il tuo italiano e’ molto migliore di quello che parlano e scrivono alcuni italiani
(oh he’s such a darling to lie to me like that)
Se studi italiano per altri 6 mesi la prossima volta che ci incontreremo il tuo italiano sara’ “spot on”
A proposito del libro ….Il Gattopardo e’ veramente pesante lol
(haha! can you imagine a ~50 yr old man typing ‘lol’)
Iniziai a leggerlo qualche anno fa ma non sono mai riuscito a finirlo, comunque suppongo che per un corso di italiano sia perfetto.
Certo che sono su facebook , sto per aggiungerti nella mia lista di amici (se non ti spiace ).
Spero ti faccia piacere che ti rispondo in italiano, sto cercando di non usare nessuna forma “slang” in modo che anche una semplice email possa esserti utile.
Quando tu e la tua amica venivate al Bella Italia era un piacere servirvi, in quanto, clienti cosi’ carine , simpatiche e rispettose allo stesso tempo non e’ facile trovarne
(ohhhhhh you melt my heart)
Mi auguro di reincontrarti ancora e se un domani ritorni a York ci possiamo prendere un caffe’ insieme
(ma certo!)
Un abbraccio grandissimo e un grosso “in bocca al lupo” per i tuoi studi
(i actually understand that idiom! literally “take the wolf in the mouth” which clearly translates to “good luck!” -.-)

[it-en: Hello ivana. I am very content that you remembered to send the photo to me. My compliments on your almost perfect Italian. Youre italian is much better than some of those italians who speak and write it.. If you study italian for another 6 months the next time we meet your italian will be spot on. About the book, The Ocelot is really heavy reading lol. I started reading it some years back but did not finish, however I suppose for an italian course it is perfect. Of course I am on facebook, I have added you to my friendlist (if it is not displeasing to you) I hope that you like that I made my reply in italian, i am trying not to use slang that is useful even in a simple email. WHen you and your friend came to Bella Italia it was a pleasure to serve you, clients who are that cute, agreeable, and respectful all at the same time are not easy to find. I hope that we will meet again and if you return to York one day we can have coffee together. A humongous hug and a big “wolf in your mouth” for your studies.]



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