Too lazy to write much besides the rest of my documentary photo backlog is now up on fb under Extreme nature go look it up yrself if you can be bothered. past day has been horrible and tiring and ache-y because of 24 hours on a train then plane then plane again then bus (ok at least i didn’t take the subway) then bus again, enough to make the jolliest person fractious so you can imagine what it does to an already cantankerous old hag. and then there was the midnight trudge to the clock tower to practise for today’s recording session which was freezing and eerie but had to be done. someone gimme a backrub plx? i need a personal shiatsu master.

however, here’s the bit in manchester.

yay church gathering!

jon’s bachelor pad is crazy huge. i believe my entire double room can fit into his living room. and it was so mod! well he’s paying quite a lot for rent but still! i should be studying there. he invited me to stay over since my flight the next morning was from MAN anw but i didn’t want to lug my suitcases ard manchester and so went back to york for the night. saw the infamous pikachu sitting fatly on his bed and wanted to look at his khong guan biscuit tin (he doesn’t believe in banks lol) but he was all defensive about it and refused to show me :P

ms and i saw It’s Complicated in the manchester odeon coz we were too lazy to research and poke into all the museums (‘sides if you calculate resultant enjoyment i think a movie is still more interesting and home-y since it’s the sort of stuff we did all the time in sg anyway). i rather liked it although some bits weren’t very clever. well most of these sexual politics films depend on the obtuseness of Man in handling eros for plot tension so i guess that was expected. there was a Valentine’s Day trailer (which shld appear in regal cinema at pyramid mall 12 feb) with topher grace(!!) i -have- to go see that. somewhere along the way i lost my red velour gloves (yes! again! the second pair!) and so today i went to the mall to get thinsulates (i.e. the gloves i lost in buxton). i’m on a roll, baby.

then jon foo (why do we call him that? there’s only one jonathan in church right? or am i totally spacing out of things again.)(oh i just realised if you truncate ‘jonathan’ to ‘jon’ it sounds exactly like ‘john’ and there is definitely more than one John in church hence the surname tack) brought us to some chinese restaurant and ordered from memory since the menu was in chinese :P forgot that we were girls and over-ordered, which seems to be a trend for guys -_- (in general, multiply how much you can eat by 1/2 – 2/3 and you won’t go too far wrong) but the food was pretty good! nothing like the synthetic pseudosiewmai you get in ithaca. my daddy told me to get jon to treat us :P (as if i need to be taught how to be shameless) “but he’s not even on scholarship!” i protested virtuously. “it’s okay one, his father very rich.” :P but ms and i had better manners, not that jon offered hahaha. au contraire, he was all “hey i take you out today if i fail my exam tomorrow 你要养我 for the rest of my life ok.” which led to a 5 minute discussion of what the male equivalent of 太太 was (小白脸 according to mingsee)

the best part was presents! i mean, the company. hehe. i told him to go back to sg and pester my parents and bs leader for christmas presents (they were quite 自动 actually) and so i added to my christmas stash :D

jon’s factoid contribution: medicine at NUS practises negative marking (i.e. if you write a wrong answer points are minused as opposed to getting zero for leaving it blank) but not at manchester. which if you think about, should be practised for all med courses coz as a doctor if you don’t know what’s going on you should just say you don’t know and shouldn’t guess.
okay my homology groups beckon.



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