heeheehee i picked up an italian waiter in bella italia today.
he’s the sweetest, adorablest gentleman i’ve ever met.. WHY is he twice my age?
he gave me his email address! woo. and was totally flirting (back?) haha i think we impressed him quite a bit with our enormous appetites (for asian girls we can really eat up a storm) and he could probably tell i was totally in love with him by our (my) incessant giggling.
i was going to write a tip (not the norm here) and he was like “nooo, plees.. yoo are students…” but he was so sweet! gave us so much ice cream for our dessert that the sundae cup was totally overflowing and then apologised for giving us too much.. and when we were done he came back and said “another one?” yes. an ideal man accepts me, gluttony and all with a mild bemusement.

and i got a picture :D “of course you can have a peek-ture.. ees dees going to go on facebook?”

mio fabio. sei molto carino! non voglio lasciarti. sia il migliore cameriere che ho mai incontrato.



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