Nederland II

my cousin’s boyfriend pretending to be godzilla stomping on the tiny cars at madurodam..

madurodam is this tiny city in the hague that has reconstructed various buildings in the netherlands at a scale of 1:25.. they even had little bicycles, little people, little cars (which rodney waded in and plucked off the exhibit for us to take home as a gratis souvenir but we politically correctly declined.) (we also paid for the bus on the last day! haha)

i asked her how to pronounce ‘koninklijk concertgebouworkest’ (royal concert building orchestra) and she said it slowly for me (have figured out that just ‘i’ in dutch is pronounced ‘ih’ as in ‘finish’, but ‘ij’ is not ‘eej’, but an ‘aye’ sound as in ‘find’) and he was all “i don’t think they can do it” thanks for the vote of confidence, dude.
but i really liked him (well i’ve met him before but we never really talked much then because my dad was doing all the talking as usual) he’s got a real snazzy ride and was really nice about driving us around and the jelly beans..
i got them a box of godiva from the states but stupidly forgot to pack it in york so arrived basically empty handed to their hospitality, hence ming see and i traipsed about amsterdam early thursday morning in a sad bid to find the most american product they had and we found a tiny shop in dam square selling jelly belly :P i explained the whole quandary to them and they were rather amused and didn’t mind one bit.

now if only i knew what to do with the godiva :P



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