the taxi driver this morning was so mean to us!
D: where’re you two headed then?
us: amsterdam.
D: ah. lovely. a weekend trip then?
us: yeah.
D: (glances in the rearview mirror) (disapprovingly) you two look like you should be in school innit! (york’s term -has- started but the bum that is my friend only has one seminar per week and her lectures are all optional.)
I: (to MS) he thinks we look like students! (fyi that has never happened to me before, hence my constant getting-ripped-off by cabbies here)
D: you are students, aren’t you? well you look like ‘em.
us: (to each other) we do? what do students look like?
D: (sniffs) Idle.

!!! i guess that’s true.. term’s just started yesterday for her and we’re jetting off today in what can only be described as an escapist fashion.

hostel’s just beside the concertgebouw in museumplein which is brilliant. completely unplanned.
and the first bus we took from the airport to museumplein, we scammed the bus driver by entering via the back door without paying. très dutch, yes? in truth i actually disapprove of any action that cheats any organisation of anything (hence the fact that i still use my laundry account to do laundry at risley while everyone else does it for free with some complicated unplugging and replugging of the wires + secret code punch-in in the laundry room) and still use my metro card for the nyc subway.. but i felt such a.. frisson of excitement not paying for the bus! it was only €3.60 and quite accidental (we were following other commuters who went up the back door) but apparently all of them scanned some ez-link card equivalent there (we observed other passengers who got on later) whereas we obviously were not in possession of such high-end Dutch technology and merely went in and sat down until the bus got to museumplein. but it was all very thrilling. i think if i weren’t a Christian i would totally make a top-notch criminal.



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