So this is what productivity feels like

I got work done today!
Finally headed down to university and uncovered the practice rooms (keycode is 1254 in case i forget).. scored the jasmine flower which i am playing for the chimes CD, scored a You are my all in all/Canon arr. for the 31 jan tab evening music.. so i didn’t bring my manuscript book here in vain! also borrowed dvorak’s violin sonata in F and some arvo part from the library to practise and i can’t say i care for the dvorak much. hopefully it’ll grow on me because ted apparently likes it.

i’ve also started on the bridge book. now it’s just time to start on my mcm reading and my math research.. which are the most brain intensive tasks for this holiday >< sudesh is going to be in london but i highly doubt he’ll let me drag ‘im up to york for a research mtg..

am quite tired of taking/putting up pictures so there will be some purely word posts from here on. there's a list of things i've been meaning to write about for quite some time but haven't gotten down to doing because of various distractions here. (nice distractions, though, not awful things like chores)

sometimes i think if i stopped blogging altogether and stopped all my correspondence, i’d have enough material and creative juices to write a proper book. instead i’m expending what’s in me a bit at a time to entertain you people, and you aren’t many, nor are you necessarily entertained by my drivel. cost-benefit analysis? one day i fear i’ll run out of words and there will just be empty white patches in my brain where my voice used to be, a huge space where my humour used to be.. and i’ll become as average as.. an engineer. ohho i hope none of you are engineers.

do you think one’s creative powers are a finite quantity? or are they constantly being replenished? if so, what by? experiences? the presence of an appreciative audience? do writers write until they die? or do they run out of things to say? i once broke up with somebody because i ran out of things to say to him. there was nothing more to say about anything.. so i just closed that book. sometimes i think there are too many books in this world that have been left open doing splits for too long, that need to be closed before the binding breaks altogether.
i close all my books.

mingsee will be here in 2 days! i call dibs on the bedroom. she can have the couch. :) that’s the way the cookie crumbles friendship. when you can rudely chope whatever you want without having to bother with polite fronts because after a certain point your presence in her life is as inevitable and unchangeable as a sibling’s. i have become a permanent fixture that can’t be removed- whether she wants me there or not has ceased to be of consequence and she’s made her peace with that.


Un pensiero su “So this is what productivity feels like

  1. what are the chances? i was listening to the soundtrack of ‘titanic’ (musical, not movie), and just after reading the engineer line above, i heard the loud, gruff voice of one of the passengers singing, “I want to be an engineer, an engineer!” no kidding!


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