Et puis?

i have been pondering this for quite some time. (because ‘quite some time’ is a commodity i have loads of here~) i came here wanting to buy some nice dance-y shoes so i can start going for tango practicas again (ha! as if i don’t have enough on my plate) and because shoe design in america is SAD. but it was even more shocking in the UK; all the soles were 3 inches thick and qualified to be platforms.. for boots, heels, flats, everything, the shoes were so chunky, and nothing like the svelte, lighter designs you can find in singapore. and the people buy the stuff. why? why are the designs so ugly? why can’t i find any decent dance wear? and it occurred to me today when i was walking back.

BECAUSE THERE IS NO WINTER MAINTENANCE. the brits design and wear clunky shoes because they have to trudge through inches and inches of snow on the sidewalks. it’s been snowing pekes and poodles recently so how do pedestrians get around? (now pay attention because this is completely typical of british problem evading, i mean, solving) instead of shovelling it off the pavements with those nifty snow tractors you get in america, they sit around twiddling their thumbs and arrive at the following epiphany: “AHA! why don’t we make everybody wear ugly, clunky three-inch high shoes instead? then their feet won’t get wet. why spend taxpayer’s money on an efficient, collective snow removal solution when we can get all the taxpayers to individually invest in ugly, waterproof footwear? because you know they will.”

here’s a busking snowman on a bench outside marks and spencers

babelicious yes? i almost donated.

i’ve been making strawberry slushies from the snow on the table in my yard. its just there, conveniently collecting all the snow.

see the corner’s been all scraped off by me. the remainder’s good for another 40 odd slurpees yet.

yum. tomorrow: milkshakes!

there’re also these icicles forming just outside my window. we’re thinking of holding an icicle cocktail party where we’ll invite people upstairs to rip off their own cocktail decorators from our roof :)



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