Mumsie dear

another email from the banker:
data 08 gennaio 2010 02.53
oggetto Hi

We have just rec’d your card. When did you send the card, no date. Looks like it is not a very good time to travel. We tried calling you last night but no response from you. You certainly have gained much experience from being a hobo. (i’m not kidding, this is how she talks! in ALL seriousness!)

Rebecca will be leaving here on Sun so you might be able to catch up with her.

Update us about your trip. God bless.

Will be leaving tmr for HK with gorgor
i was writing her about the night i stayed over in JFK because of my cancelled flight and how i learnt to sleep with my legs propped up on my luggage so that nobody can steal my stuff. put that factoid in especially for her because i know how much she hates it when i kiao kah because it is “unladylike” and she keeps complaining about how i give her a bad reputation.

in other news, here are more observations.

because who can resist the scenic view from a bench on the kerbside?

xiumin’s adorable homework.

colour coded noise zones! they should implement this in our libraries. saw this in the birmingham conservatoire library when i was searching for the dvorak violin sonata.

the harmonium in scriveners which i egotistically tried out. you have to pedal the two foot pedals alternately to send enough wind through the machine for notes to sound.. so my playing was all very patchy and uneven. sightread ode to joy which was lying on the music stand and sounded like a wheezy old hag.

and after the longest time i’ve finally updated my flickr account. unlike fb albums or pictures i put up here, my flickr photostream is not documentary and so will contain my better shots. i.e. it is quite boring unless you’re into angles and hues and convergent lines and foci or in a nutshell, aesthetic.



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