Food review

how awful for the queen, to have her double chin captured on all the bank of england notes forever!

i am officially sick. stupidly did not pack my medicine because i was trying to save space. and thought i would be invincible for this trip. gah. i know i am welcome to mingsee’s panadol for cold and whatever drugs i’ve found in her drawer but i want my prescription pyrithon :(

mended my coat today! because my last hotel gave me a complimentary mending kit so i thought i might as well revive those good ol’ home ec days in rgs. (sewing is the one girly thing i’m completely inept at) there was a hole in the pocket of my coat which means lots of things have disappeared into the inner lining never to be recovered again. but it’s all fixed now!

have also developed a slight addiction to gilchrist & soames toiletries. apparently they are so exclusive you can only find them in hotels -_- and not like in debenhams if i really can’t find any in stores i’ll just have some shipped back to me from their online store.

ry’s been cooking the past few days so i have been a compliant vegetarian. it seems to be quite a sustainable lifestyle unless i get meat cravings, and even then i don’t crave meat very often unless it’s right in front of me.

the quality of fast food here is lower than in singapore, i think. i like to try fast food outlets in different countries to see what different specials they have and just how standardised the manufacturing process is – do things really taste the same no matter where you are because of globalisation? and they don’t. i’ve tried mcdonalds, kfc, and pizza hut here and all three failed to impress.
– uk kfc has weird coleslaw with bigger chunks and strange coleslaw sauce (it’s bitter!). they also don’t have mashed potatoes, one of their sides is a cup of gravy. admittedly the gravy is the better part of the mashed potato side but just gravy?! are we supposed to drink it like soup? other sides were baked beans and some fruit satchet. also the salt content of the chicken batter gave my kidneys a rude shock. it’s way more expensive than sg kfc and their fries are equally bland (so that’s one constant everywhere! i suppose poor quality is always a constant). their ‘extra crispy’ chicken is almost always soggy, and given their positively arid skin-peeling climate they are without excuse!
– had pizza on new year’s eve because it’s just opposite the house and i couldn’t be bothered to venture out. apparently it’s not just singaporeans who stinge on toppings lol. the pizza hut here has chilli flavoured onion rings and jalapeño poppers (peppers stuffed with cheese) as sides and everything’s about twice as expensive but nothing to shout about.
– admittedly i tried one of mcdonald’s country-specific burgers here (i.e. there is no control factor), a bacon thingamajig that was masquerading as a whopper and it was just horrible. i’ll try one of their typical burgers next time and report back.
NB: sauces in most fast food restaurants are free, except in KFC. if you get a young ne’er do well as your cashier who can’t be arsed to charge you 10p for ketchup, good for you. but if you get an old, shooting-for-an-employee-of-the-month-award-because-it’s-the-highlight-of-his-career cashier be prepared to fork out! i imagine singaporeans here probably bring personal bottles of heinz around because it just sounds like such a sad singaporean thing to do. i mean, it’s good sense! but that doesn’t stop it from being sad.

here’s the US edition
– normal mcdonald’s burgers taste the same, but they have a few additional ones, like the quarter pounder, half pounder even i think, and southern chicken sandwich. there is no mcspicy, obviously, the southern chicken sandwich is just fried chicken with a pickle. no such thing as mccafe, although typical mcdonald’s have ‘specialty’ drinks like lattes and hot chocolate.
– kfc chicken in the US is too… obviously GM-ed. like, large and misshapen. their mashed potato has a lot of flour added to it, and not potato flour, like normal flour so it’s much worse than the singaporean one which at least still has a semblance of potato. in general i’d say it tastes better than the chicken in the UK but not comparable to that in sg. also instead of dinner rolls like they used to serve in sg, they serve their chicken with biscuit in the US. i don’t mean jacob’s cream crackers or butter cookie type of biscuits, i mean this hexagonal baking soda/flour confection that is light and crumbly and has less flavour than rice. i don’t understand the point of biscuits. there is no nutritional value, no taste, it’s like prison food.

– pizza hut in the US is better i think, not cheaper, but less stingy. have to be, i can imagine lots of irate americans phoning in 2353535 and complaining if they ordered a pizza in singapore. and the cutesy japanese pizzas? with like egg and mayonnaise and bonito? would not sit well with americans at all. that’d probably be like a hors d’oeuvre.

i always have orange pop with fast food. i don’t know, it’s a habit. coke is too sweet and too.. eroding. so in sg the orange soda goes by F&N, and is about the same as it’s american counterpart, fanta, but both are vastly better than orange pop in the UK, aka tango which isn’t sweet and tries too hard to taste natural. i mean, you’re a soft drink for crying out loud. if i wanted something natural or healthy i’d ask for juice, innit.

today’s quote contribution is from harry:
Say what you like about police states, but they do at least have low crime rates. In Britain we have managed to combine Singaporean levels of mindless niggling harassment with South American levels of crime.



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