because i clearly don’t have a printer here i’ve taken to drawing all my maps. look which manly character is striding about in the lower left corner. that’s right, it’s none other than the love of my life! while we were having our christmas dinner, gerald let slip that he didn’t know who colin firth was to the stunned disapproval of the female subset of the table. roger said “well you’d better get to know him then, he’s the guy every girl would leave her boyfriend or husband to marry in a thrice.. your future girlfriend will, in all likelihood, be more besotted with him than with you..” true story!

i was with my daughter and esther.. and they treated me to lunch at the ram’s head (amazing pub in disley) today! because i am a ‘visitor’ to their country. and she also gave me a huge slab of toffee, the kind you need to hammer apart into bite sized pieces with well, a hammer (provided).

yumyum. it’s so nice hanging with all these girls, they really know how to pamper you as opposed to stinky old boys. the only boys who’ve ever pampered me are hq (after massive hinting and then even only when i’m sick), and jy who when he bothers, is perfectly darling, but he is seldom bothered. girls are so much better at pampering you, they know what will make you feel special, they know how to give their love freely and selflessly (at least for my friends, i don’t claim to speak for the entire female race because i know it’s not true), and they do it consistently without any mixed signals! they either love you or they don’t, there’s no inbetween-maybe-i’ll-treat-you-nice-when-i-feel-like-it-maybe-i-won’t.

dear male readers: get a clue!



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