Dick Whittington

If i had two girls i’d name them Zoe, after the girl in baby blues, and Chloe, after the girl in On Love.

I went to see Dick Whittington and his Wonderful Cat at the opera house today and it was really funny! It was nice pretending to be a kid again, laughing and jeering with the rest of the real boys and girls in the opera house with their parents, having chocolate ices at the intermission, singing along to jingle bells.. My parents never brought me to a pantomime when i was young, and i was left to read about it in enid blyton books. The first panto i read about was dick whittington, and now it is the first panto i’ve watched! there was a really funny bit that parodied Britain’s Got Talent, where the amazingly agile cat did a breakdancing/moon walking sequence.

I’m now in Buxton, a little town in the middle of the peak district. While it gives me ready access to basically all the places in derbyshire where pride & prejudice (and other austen flicks) were filmed, most of these places such as chatsworth are closed because of winter. the first thing the porter said to me was “an austen fan, are you?” i guess they get a lot of my sort here.

I could totally retire in this town- its beauty is breathtaking, the old shops, the antiquity, the lakes, and the rolling parkland all around. it’s the highest town above sea-level in all of England and possibly one of the prettiest. and the cashiers at marks and spencer are so cute!!! the one at the till today had the brilliantest green eyes and the most killing smile i wish i’d bought more things so i could stand there and stare at him longer. I could have packed him into my shopping bag and taken him home! I should have packed him into my shopping bag and taken him home. oh well, tomorrow’s another day filled with such wonderful opportunities.



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