I’m not one of those people who can peruse aisle after aisle of clothing for hours on end without getting tired. I hate looking at clothes. So when boxing day came around, most of the sales did not pertain to me. xiumin went around looking for her leather jacket but i parked myself in the basement of selfridges in the bull ring and looked at the shelves and shelves of food and stationery and soap.

scary bull in the food basement of the bull ring made entirely of jelly belly. there’s a sign under its belly that says “This bull can be yours for £20,000 please let us know if you would like to buy one.” because when you have £20,000 of course you’d rather spend it on a jelly bean bull than on a yacht, or a private plane, or like, rent.

I also find i prefer shopping for other people than shopping for myself. I have rather fixed interests and likes, so shopping for other people gives me the chance to sit inside a completely different brain for a bit (nei loro panni) and think about what they would like, what they would receive that’d make them happy. here are some of the really cool things i stumbled upon.

1. i got justine a tatty teddy bear. now this may sound like the most trite present ever but it’s not -just- a tatty teddy bear, it doubles up as a bed warmer! it’s got a little satchet of crystals in the bag that you can dump in a pot of boiling water or in the microwave to heat up, then zip it back into the bear so the bear will keep your bed warm and be like a real live bear! how cool is that?
2. i got chris these lotus tea leaves from tea palace that upon immersal, a pink lotus blossom and a jasmine blossom made of paper will unfold on the surface of the water while the tea bag is steeping! i almost want to keep it for myself just to see how it works.
3. okay the rest are less interesting. lin min got a wooden puzzle from the frankfurt market (one of those put it all back together things), sindy got a bag of fizzy satsumas, dave got a box of charbonnel champagne truffles, and the cambridge people got a bag of chocolate hedgehogs (yes you can tell i spent all my a fair bit of time in the food section of selfridges). at the rate i’m going i’ll have nothing left on my shopping list by the time i reach germany.

chocolate hedgehogs!

have been sending loads of oxfam/selfridges postcards to my nearest and dearest plus teachers! that’s one of those things that proves that when you are in a group or with other people your inhibitions are lowered as compared to when you are by yourself. you do things in a group that you may not necessarily do by yourself. because you blend in, the collective responsibility of the group reduces your individual responsibility and you don’t feel -as- accountable for your actions, resulting in quite a lot of stupid behaviour. by myself, i’d never have written to mr. gooi or mr. kok (too shy), but when i’m with xiumin (or even with shirong last yr) it just seems like a brilliant idea to write to everyone to see how they were doing so we wrote to both of ‘em and caroline and gareth.

classic example of herd mentality (let’s all do stupid things because we are together yay!) – shoppers queuing to get into river island for the boxing day sales. i’m sorry but the designs in that shop leave much to be desired why are they wasting their time? they’re not even college kids whose lack of dress sense excuses them, they’re actual adults.

some other interesting pictures from the shopping expedition.

polyhedra lamps in Eat. I’ve always wanted to make these back in the US where i could just order the white plastic sheets online and cut them out according to the template and fit it all together. i mean it looks vastly less complex than the man ball i did for rhd in sec 4 so shld be a piece of cake.

a children’s apparel shop in the manner of kiddy palace. they don’t fudge around! i like that.



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