Xiumin is spoiling me.. she brings me water and helps me move my slippers to outside her bedroom when i leave them in the other bedroom.. and she washes my plates/cups etc. after we’ve snacked or had a movie marathon. The other day she made cream cheese and lox on a roll for breakfast for me and did the washing up all by herself! A personal Maria? It’s like being an invalid.. without being an invalid. Kevin is very fortunate!
We didn’t even bother changing out of pyjamas today as we lolled about the house doing indoorsy things despite the lovely (i.e. non-negative) weather outside.. i almost didn’t bother to bathe :D and i’ve rearranged some things in her room so that i don’t have to leave the bed to reach anything :D like the water. or my pitcher plant. or the eclairs. or the bin. hehehe.
Why is it i bring degen wherever i go? it follows me like the pillar of cloud that followed the israelites.
mingsee’s room is rather nice too because it is so small (she says cosy) that i can reach anything i want without getting out of bed. that’s totally the way to go!

well we had to laze around today to conserve energy for the boxing day sales tmr anyway~ i say not at all self-rationalisingly.



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