Lonely days

Good morning mister sunshine,
You brighten up my day..
Come sit beside me,
In your way..

I see you ev’ry morning,
Outside the restaurant,
The music plays,
so nonchalant..

– Been feeling like bee gee’s music lately, whilst syncing music to the nano. what do you think is a good name for a chipper purple coloured ipod nano?
– My grandma’s in the hospital. i don’t know what for, and i don’t know what to do. so this is what impotence feels like. I need to write Chris.
– Xiumin and I have been really busy every day, doing things like completing happyland xmas edition, finishing long overdue christmas cards (yes, we’re sending them out only today, so sue me.), frying English breakfasts, movie marathoning, mugging bridge, doing her music essays, etc. It’s so lovely hanging out with her and telling her everything. And the copious amounts of food! we go crazy at aldi’s and sainsbury and tesco and buy enough food for a war, and the intervening days always become a battle against time to finish eating everything we’ve bought. I like buying food more than i like eating it, which is a problem.
– sainsbury profiteroles are everything i expected them to be. now they’ve added liquor to the chocolate sauce and it is like.. distilled sin.
– dear hq, i hope you’ve cleared things up with your mum and told her the TRUTH. gosh i can’t believe you had the audacity to think i’d be jealous. i’m not that small-minded, and more importantly, 嫉妒什么?? there are plenty of people who ask me out need you for what. please. (on a side note: you’re finally twenty! and i thought you’d never get there.)
– there are some people i don’t mind stalking me because i’d tell them anything (about myself, not what i think of them :D) anyway. like mingsee or caroline or hq but the list ends there so don’t be impolite.
– if you miss someone, do you think you’ll miss him more or miss him less as the time you spend apart drags on?
– in other news, my grades are intact, pretty much. hovering quite precariously over the 4.0 but the A+s are still balancing out the A-s so it’s all good. had a lovely surprise for analysis :)

it’s time for.. a Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All!



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