– I love M&S. i stocked up on snacks ytd and got mini tea cakes! and honeycomb clusters! and scottish shortbread and eclairs and fruit rocks and chocolate covered strawberries and it was less than ten quid. i could get used to this.
– There is snow here. and they don’t clear it off the sidewalks the lazy arses just LEAVE IT THERE.

BUT they clear it for the cars! brr.

– you have to pay for sauces here, which i completely forgot about. anything to boost the brit economy huh.
– borders uk has a 90% discount O_O so i bought lolita (among a crapload of other books of course). oh and apparently lz is staying in the house where nabokov wrote lolita but he hasn’t read it yet so he can borrow it.

– I got utterly lost today. hey mingsee, i bet even you can’t identify this:

– i still haven’t used my beer key yet :(
– and here’s a random one just for fun

are you kidding me? with such a puny tree?

in other news, my gpa is fast approaching 4.0, from the wrong side of things >_<


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