eww stinky boys in my room get out GET OUT
isn’t it obvious that the first place you shld go after the gym is THE SHOWER not my room
gah. GAAH.

maybe i’ll put a sign on my door saying “odour-free people only.” there was once my roomie was at a frat party and gareth was over and he and i scrawled a sign in my happy multicoloured pencils on my room door saying “blind drunks not welcome! (and below) (Amrita, that means you!!!)” and we locked the door :P needless to say she was not amused when she came back, because she -was- blind drunk and had forgotten her key.

also, i half-killed a fly the other day i.e. i half slammed it between the pages of my combinatorics textbook and squished it enough to shock/paralyse it but not enough for it to die completely and fed it to kerberos. and i went out for my sociology exam and when i came back the bleeding thing had resuscitated itself and FLOWN OUT OF THE PITCHER what kind of guard dog is this what IMPOTENCE what SHEER INAPTITUDE. anyway so i capped kerberos’ cage (it’s kept in a little transparent acrylic box) so the fly wouldn’t be able to escape and would eventually fly into one of the pitchers (there are 4 now) but the little bugger’s been flying about the box all day and absolutely refuses to be trapped. another of my brilliant ideas bites the dust!

for those of you not in the know, kerberos is my darling pitcher plant, who used to have 3 pitchers, hence the name. it seems to be rapidly growing into a more Medusa-type figure though. here’s a pic.

I seriously think my math was better back when I was in JC than the way it is now. I literally couldn’t integrate 1/(1-x²) today which is a fail beyond belief. (well i mean i was too lazy to do it from scratch because after all it was a combinatorics exam and i didn’t memorise all the integration formulae ‘sides that’s the sort of thing that’s provided in MF15) As you can tell combinatorics was screwed, there was a question i did in h3 combi 2 years ago that i didn’t know how to do today D: i deserve to be expelled. from rjc.



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