Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. buy (or make) the world’s largest matryoshka doll set
2. play rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto
3. watch a meteor shower in australia, hopefully on a catamaran. the skies there are crazy clear.
4. get a phd.
5. be discovered by The One (no finding for me!)
6. learn how to dive and have a look at those coconut stealing octopi
7. maybe write a book? i mean, im perfectly capable. just, it’s the sort of thing you do for a living, not as a side-interest..

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. Colin Firth (guess who is going to pemberley~ im so stoked.)
2. Hugh Grant (best in love actually. or about a boy.)
3. Dermot Mulroney (esp. in the wedding date)
4. Topher Grace (of that 70s show fame)
5. Matthew McConaughey (er.. how to lose a guy in 10 days)
6. Tamaki Hiroshi (nodame, of course. also tada kimi wo aishiteru)
7. Li Yundi (the earliest, probably. when my piano teacher had me listen to his recordings when i was 10 or thereabouts)
obviously there are many more but i shall stop here before you all doubt my ability to sustain a monogamous rship.

Seven things I could do:
1. Go see Pemberley. I asked my daughter if she happened to have any cute hunks hanging around with white shirts for re-enactments of that famous scene where colin firth strides out of the lake all delectable and dripping and she said “no and besides who would acquiesce to such an absurd request?” gah. well all you need is a little wheedling and some 魅力. okay a lot of 魅力.
2. Publish a math paper.
3. Study bridge over the hols so I won’t be so noob next yr
4. Make my friends more carefully so I won’t be hurt unnecessarily
5. Be more accommodating of people
6. Be less critical. Or more… discreet about my general dissatisfaction with incompetence :D
7. Learn how to manage my money in case The One doesn’t find me and I have no one to 养我. haha. yes i fully intend to be as unproductive as possible after marriage. I mean unproductive in the stimulating-the-GDP-2.1-children-model-eugenicised-family sense, of course i’ll still have my own interests to pursue, and so many of them are so.. capital-intensive :D. like becoming a real mahjong pro.

Seven often-repeated words:
1. seriously? (in the “what were you thinking?” sense)
2. cool!
3. intriguing. (when doing math)
4. epiphany! (also when doing math)
5. sure. (not in an acquiescent manner of course, i am hardly that agreeable. more of, “if you say so..”)
6. perché?
7. noob. (used on all and sundry)

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. sticking out arm veins. the first criterion hq failed hahaha. although im sure he has them now.
2. shoulders. broad enough for security-exuding hugs pls.
3. shy smile.
4. clean-looking
5. specs. yeah you must have gamed/read enough to need specs.
6. soft hands. (guess who has the softest hands ever!)
7. cute adam’s apple. hehe.

yay combinatorics can go take a flying leap.
okay i -am- going to study for this one, i actually do have a distinct passion for counting.



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