Point form #6

So many things happening before finals. I suppose pictures will be up at fb at some point in the far future if/when I can be bothered.

– I love the sound of everyone simultaneously crunching on their communion cracker when the pastor concludes the eucharist prayer. Did i tell you about the time when i was 5 or 6 and i didn’t understand the eucharist at all and i wanted to try the cup and the bread coz all the adults were doing it and coz i was hungry in church (who asked the pastor to keep talking about (the) lamb?) and so while they were passing the communion plates around i snatched not one, but two wafers (oh yeah, always the over-achiever) to the shock and horror of my sunday school teacher who was too far away to prevent me from eating and drinking judgment on myself lol. i don’t take it now because i’m not baptized yet, because i’m not ready yet. and even if i am ready i will only get baptized in singapore so my parents can be there.

– here’s an intriguing question: would you fly back in-term for a funeral or a marriage? i think i would fly back for a funeral (that did not clash with exams or something) but not a marriage. cause a marriage can be should be scheduled in my holidays but funerals can’t. and also i think it’s more disrespectful to not fly back if my grandparents passed away than if my brother got married. he won’t even care that i’m not there if not for the fact that he’s lost his free-labour pianist and i’d more likely than not be snarky to the bride about her questionable taste in men.

– made a new friend in analysis. it’s weird, because as i said math guys don’t really talk to you. i think they spend most of their time just trying not to look at you, until they need to borrow your stapler (since they are too adorably inept to possess one) then they are forced to say hi and to learn your name (some just borrow your stapler without bothering to even find out your name haha). we only started talking at the end of the semester for some reason. he’s canadian and he stays on north too but is a junior. we’ve been working on the analysis final tgt and i like how he’s v. direct about what he feels or about what thinks of me, which is rare in a guy. well at least he says the nice stuff, maybe he’s just politely omitting the mean parts haha but even that is more than you’ll get from an avg singaporean male.

– went for the RnJ matinee and the graffiti on the set was quite something! Brigitta was amazing as Juliet and I finally found out what her real, non-Italian name was from the programme lol. Eri una bellissima Giulietta! C’era una brava rappresentazione e mi sono goduta molto.

– I put my name in the florist’s cup in the commons. they have a sign in the window that says “If your name is _____, you get a free flower!” or something like that and the name changes every day/week and I was like they’re never going to have Ivana! I went in to look at their flowers and enquired how much the roses were and the woman was like “they’re $4. well, unless your name is rachel..” and i was like no it isn’t! but how do i get my name in the window?? and she pointed me to a slip of paper on which i wrote my name and put in a cup and eventually it’ll get up on the window which is awesome. choosing flowers are difficult, especially for someone of the opposite sex because then flowers actually have meanings that i wouldn’t have to care about if i were getting one for a girl. the purple roses were beautiful. So were the irises. but I got a pretty pink carnation in the end, should have gotten him to pose with it in his pretty pink jacket lol.

– While waiting for the bus back to ris from the florist i went to urban outfitters (that shop is in such a convenient location for people waiting for the bus) and got a key for my eurotrip.

Guess what it does. :) Ireland here I come.

– The AG performance was a blast! the moves, the singing, the kawaii pianist (of whom nicole helped me take loads of sneaky photos hehehe), and of course ze in his myriad costumes and personae. I loved Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof (was that the box-step waltz??) and also Perfect, which was a really impressive solo.
I will be perfect
It’s not hard to do
I will be perfect… for you.

– Lunch today was strange. because i haven’t done something like that in such a long time. but it wasn’t that bad. apart from having to take his car. When Sindy wanted to learn Chinese parolaccie awhile back I taught her to say 你的屁股很臭 to him (yes i use my friends as weapons) but she didn’t wanna :( what a bummer. that was one of the all-important stock phrases we used to teach our non-chinese friends back in rg (i.e. seema) to say and she always did it with such savoir-faire.

– So Ted and I finally met up after the longest time to practice. We have both been intensive-practising individually for Tuesday, which will be awesome. One more rehearsal tomorrow, and I think I’ve nailed most of the crazy passages AND conquered the impossible page turns! go me. ze will probably record it for me and if it is at all decent i may put it up online for all you die-hards who can’t get enough (who can blame you?)

– Vespers was lovely. the combined cornell choirs were singing and they sounded so mysterious and warm and sacrosanct all at the same time, even though i don’t think the service was inclined toward any particular religion, which is a pity. and people clapped at the end, which would never have happened at tab. it made me a little sad though, to think of who i went with to vespers last year and who i went with to vespers this year.

disconcerting. that’s what today is.
i’m just gonna push it into a little corner of my brain and commence the studying- life is far more complicated than it needs to be.



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