pain au chocolat

Why procrastinate at the straight when you can procrastinate right at your desk?

i love how chrome has this little feature down in the left corner of their task manager.

i transferred all these flight of the conchords songs to my sony last night.. BIG MISTAKE. the whole day today when i was walking from class to class i had a huge retarded grin on my face listening to all their hilariously stupid lyrics.

J: Je voudrais une croissant
J: Je suis enchante
J: Ou est le bibliotheque?
J: Voila mon passport
J: Ah, Gerard Depardieu
F: Ou est le piscine?
J: Pardon moi?
F: Ou’est le piscine?
J: …Uh…
F: Splish splash
J: …Uh…
F: Eh…
J: Je ne comprends pas.
F: Parlez-vous le francais?
J: Eh?
F: Eh? Parlez-vous le francais?
J: Uh ….Non.

it was so embarrassing! try it, it’s harder than you think. fill your ipod with FOTC songs and see if you can walk around school with a straight face.

maybe you shld watch this blog’s namesake vid.

gah now the lyrics have reminded me of how much i am craving a chocolate croissant from swissbake. no one here can do good croissants! the best one i’ve had so far was at the statler but still nothing to touch swissbake’s. i wonder if my parents will send me frozen ready-to-bake croissants from sg.

so. last lessons this week. there was warm applause for the professors after lecture for sociology and nautical archaeology.. but none for math (haha). i guess math people really don’t impress easy. the two professors who were applauded thoroughly deserved it, i think. they were both excellent. here is the last slide of the last nautical archaeology lecture, which is too lame for words.


2 pensieri su “pain au chocolat

  1. our laptops need to conjugate… i expect streams of bits and bytes being exchanged…

    sociology and nautical archaeology!! if i didn’t know better, i’d have thought you were undecided…

    (nautical archaeology reminds me of my interview with ur employer… they asked me to suggest how math could’ve been used to locate and recover the wreck of MI 185 from the river (can’t rmbr the name), and when i was done, he sorta implied ‘but an engineer can do that’)

    1. lol my employer didn’t ask me anything so complex.. i don’t even remember which field of math i was smoking about then.. probably PNN.
      i didn’t tell you i was taking those courses meh! for distribution.. i’m pretty much done with my distri after this sem actually can just focus on math in yr 3. that’s assuming i want to :P or i could take organ lessons :D


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