The OCD is back. yeah. I can tell when I start bathing one too many times a day.
hr was telling us about his OCD symptoms the other day and here are some of the categories.
There are washers, who are afraid of contamination and compulsively wash things,
checkers, who repeatedly check things (oven turned off, toilet seat down, etc.)
doubters, who are afraid of being punished if things aren’t done exactly right,
counters/arrangers who obsess about symmetry and the way things are arranged,
hoarders, who fear something bad will happen if they throw something away.

i’m mostly an arranger. there are some things i obsess about and that have to be arranged exactly right.
1. the parallelism between the piano bench and the piano keyboard. They have to be exactly parallel before I can start playing. I’m known for adjusting the piano bench multiple times before I play in a concert or exam. It has to be the right height as well if not I can’t play properly.
2. the door of my room has to be shut. if my roommate leaves it open i will get up from my chair/bed and shut it. even if it’s open just a tiny little bit, as long as i can see people walking by and these people who walk by are able to look into my room it drives me crazy and makes me anxious. sometimes if my roommate forgets to shut the door behind her (she frequently does because she doesn’t care about shut doors) i will lock her out and there was a period where i kept locking her out when she didn’t shut the door behind her when she went to the kitchen or the toilet and she’d have to keep knocking to get back in before she got a clue and started shutting the door behind her every time.
3. Papers have to be stapled with the stapler bullet parallel to and about 0.5cm away from the edge of the paper. At first they had to be parallel to the long edge, but on netprinted documents there’s a little netprint logo that’s parallel to the short edge and those staples must lie on the netprint logo so you can’t see them.
4. In the bath there are two washstands, on either corner of the tub. The shower gels/ shampoos/ conditioners/ facial soap have to start off on the back washstand, and once a particular lotion has been used (in a top down fashion i.e. hair to face to body) it will be moved to the front wash stand and this way i keep track of what has been washed already. The top down order is also important because once you’ve washed something and it’s clean you don’t want the soap water from other parts to run over it and make it unclean again. Like if you wash your feet first and make sure they are clean, you don’t want shampoo water from your hair running over them and contaminating them.



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