Point form #5

– we saw a beaver waddling along campus road at the intersection of college ave. it was right in the middle of the road and the car headed in its lane was stuck and didn’t know what to do. we wanted to get out and rescue it and restore it to its dam but instead we headed off to pizza hut for lunch. it was so cute! with its flat flappy tail and fat cheek pouches and irate beaver eyes. i wonder if it’d have let me pick it up. all the cars along campus road paused to gush over it. i want my own beaver!

– Pete eats like an asian girl. Chris and her brothers came to the clock tower and I gave them their own afternoon concert with classical selections I thought they’d enjoy like Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring and Ave Maria and Belle Nuit. After that we went for lunch at pizza hut because pete loves pizza and pepperoni pizza in particular. so we ordered and when it came he took his napkin and went dabbing away on the top of his pizza which was so strangely reminiscent of xiumin and all the other health conscious girls in my jc class. i told him he ate like an asian girl and he was so amused and we were making fun of each other for the rest of the afternoon. Rich and him and i also bonded in our common love for pepperoni pizza and pete kept trying to get me to eat more, like y’know the way your grandparents keep feeding you food when you are young because of some antiquated preference for fat little chinese girls with buns in your hair and rosy cheeks skipping around on an oriental veranda trying to rescue stupid boys who’ve toppled into water urns.

– Did you know pizza huts in america still have a lunch buffet? the one we went to in pri 5 after rosyth OM won and so mrs low and ms ho wanted to give us all a treat. i remember that event at heartland mall (the closest mall to rosyth then) vividly because yiyuan scarfed down 13 slices of pizza. that’s a bunch of pizza for an 11-yr old boy! i think they did away with the buffet after too many asians really took advantage of it and they probably discovered that they were making a loss.

– One of this yr’s long term problems for OM is “Food Court” where the team has to put up a theatrical presentation on a food item accused of being unhealthy and must defend itself in court. Characters are all food items, and there’ll be a decision passed by the judge and jury. How awesome is that? Ours was pest-aside and waay too technical than it needed to be for a kiddy team. but our OM mtgs were fun though there was beer (oh yeah. did i not mention how decadent rosyth was? if there was a prize for the most hedonistic gep school ever we’d have clinched it without a doubt) and yiyuan’s goldfish which were all sitting fatly at the bottom of the tank because he taught them to. most people teach their dogs to sit but of course he’s got to do things differently.



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