This post is about bowls.


I saw these at the mall the other day and fell in love with them. (NB: I should never be let loose in japan. well, unless i’ve married into wealth or something.)
So i bought them for my house next year! will be staying with cheryl weixun and justine, and there are 4 bowls in the set which is perfect for us.

are they not pretty? and when i’ve graduated from here and go back to sg and my family demand souvenirs and such i can just give this to them. :D yeah i’m a big fan of re-gifting.

Also, i’ve added a categories widget so i can keep track of my thoughts. and have discovered that i have far too many inane thoughts than are good for me. T-T it’s too bad my most inane thoughts are frequently the most interesting ones.

***i’ve just realised that the bowls look like giant irises if you stare at them long enough. huge, googly eyed irises.



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