A warm welcome

To those of you who are here for the first time.. welcome. a heads-up to the small minority of you who might do this: please don’t read everything at one go.
a) it’s not that interesting.
b) it is also slightly stalker-ish. did i say slightly? i meant very.
c) you cannot possibly be that unoccupied. unless of course you’ve just orded but i can’t think of anyone in that category who’d be even vaguely interested in my drivel. (interesting. i just realised that i’ve completely stopped talking to guys my age! i mean meaningful, non wall-to-wall conversations of course -_-. oh wait there’s derrick. but still. how queer.)

***Almost missed church today because I got up late! Because I slept late. Thinking, what else. and doing nothing in particular. I’m rather talented that way. But Sindy fortuitously messaged me at 8.39a to ask if i was going to church, and the message tone re-woke me up. Which was great because I was slated to lead worship in sunday school today hahaha. haven’t been that irresponsible in ages. had to zip through my toilette to get to donlon circle by 9a so was slightly scruffier than usual. but it’s okay since all the people i sit with are typically scruffier than me (yes mr. wong, that means you!), so i’m not the only hobo ^^



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