I am degenning like mad.
Have been holed up in my room reading/watching random dvds in an ardent bid to clear my amazon backlog (so i can buy more books). Here are the slow but sure steps of my degen:

1. I have stopped folding my underwear. Okay who am i kidding, i never folded my underwear haha. my mum used to do that for me but it’s not like anybody checks here so it’s straight from the dryer into the drawer now. oh yeah.

2. I have stopped getting out of bed. See how the bookshelf is mysteriously floating itself piece by piece to be right beside the bears, and so has the tissue box.

3. And I have domino’s lava cake for breakfast. No healthy granola/yoghurt foods for a post-convalescence invalid. -I- go straight from porridge to lava cake, just because domino’s delivers it.


in other news. we signed our lease for westbourne today. i am now poorer by about a thou. but the kitchen has got a bar ==> cocktail parties!
i also discovered that my right earlobe is still pierced all the way through. because i bought earrings to check. the left one seems to have closed and i am wearing an earring in the right one so it won’t close, like a pirate.
maybe i need to be more vain. what’s the point of having ear-holes if i’m not going to bother to wear earrings in them? and all my make up is expiringgg because i can’t really be bothered to use them. if you see me made up in the next few months or so it’s because i’m trying to finish my make up haha. but the odds are i’ll forget and i’ll just have to toss them practically unused.



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