Imagine a heaven where there is no more pain, no more suffering, no more tears, no more sadness, and all your family and friends and loved ones are there with you. But there is no Jesus. Would that be OK? Could you live in a heaven like that?

Have you any idea how we, mere humans, have such a problem understanding the nature of heaven, and how heaven would be so lacking without Jesus? Would it seem lacking to you, would you intuitively feel that something was wrong if there was no God in heaven?

How is it we are so easily content with earthly happiness, with our concept of happiness, surrounded by all the people who mean something to us, and be so short-sighted that we think heaven would be OK without Jesus, without the one who created us?

The whole point of heaven is that He is there, and that we are there with Him, in a final reconciliation, after glorification.
How can we even fathom being satisfied with such a poor image of joy? a poor image of what heaven would be like?

“For now we see in part, then we will see face to face.”



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