Mebbe I’ll just get used to being sick. Then I’ll be like Chopin! but without the musical genius. haha oh my life is sad.

Picture 31
Today’s crossword features my name! 53 down as “Trump with a cameo in “The First Wives Club”. gah one day it will be “Loafer at college Thng” or something similar. other guest appearances incl. uncle ezra at 25 down as “University founder Cornell”. yay!

Anyway. I was going to write about bras. Seriously, what is with the hook at the back? Which genius decided to design bras with hooks in such a retarded location that you can’t actually see what you are doing? talk about the greatest failure of engineering. if it were left to me i’d design a bra with a clasp in front, which would save millions of women all over the world 5 minutes of bleary-eyed fumblings every morning. in fact, i’d design a bra with like VELCRO which would make everything so much easier if not for the fact that velcro comes off far too easily. i thought about it for like 10 mins today and still can’t see why the hook is better at the back than in the front. clearly, i am a noob at bras. in fact, that’s why for the greater part of my life i’ve been wearing sports bras because you can just slip those on like t-shirts and not bother with all that complicated machinery at the back. (it’s the same for shoes i wore velcro strap-on shoes well into JC hahah because i couldn’t tie my laces properly and they kept coming out) in fact, i only started wearing the hooked kind just this year (yes i’m such a child) when i went back over the summer and my mum decided i should get a life so we went out and got me some sexy pierre cardins.

i totally want one of these. i can think of some people who would be v. adept at unfastening ‘em.

had my first afternoon nap in a long time today (still recovering the mcm sleep debt). maybe that’s why i’m in such a funny mood. also, i totally didn’t go to any of the extracurricular activities (church, bell choir, bridge, rehearsal) i normally have because i was sick. and it felt great! skipping everything i mean. forgot what it feels like to have no commitment to anything whatsoever.. gosh no wonder i have no time to finish all the books/dvds i bought from amazon.



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