Today was my day of rest, sorta like pastors, who as you well know, don’t get the weekend off (obviously) so their weekend break falls on monday instead. so i finally went to gannett after deciding i couldn’t bear it anymore and saw a doctor who prescribed me a week’s worth of antibiotics. also went to target to get sleeping capsules for the next few nights. I am newly equipped to fight this!

So. Only Happy Things Today.
Did my crossword at Beebe lake during my evening stroll.
Beebe lake
Lovely sunset. No mackerel sky today but it was pretty all the same.

And here are random pictures from halloween for anyone who cares.

My pumpkin!
Jack 3
Jack Skellington – took a pretty long time, but look how cute! jing yee was sposed to help me but the lazy pok went to bed instead hmf.

Also, here’s me and tiff:
She is a d_z^2 orbital, if that is not immediately clear. We’re standing so far apart because i’m trying to hold open the door to the chimes office with my butt (and not because i am getting repelled by her orbital lobes).

And one of Holly and me.
Holly and me Holly’s in the bell choir with me and also teaches the ladies sunday school class on Sunday. We’re going to the met in the spring :) because of a common love for italian opera.

as you can see, the make up wasn’t a total disaster. i can totally pass off as a girly girl sometimes! :D even my roommate approved and indians were the ones who invented kajal.

also, today was enrollment day and i got all the classes i wanted!! ze’s in combinatorics II and intro to new testament and jing yee’s in theory of fns of one cpx var with me so next sem is going to be awesome. i told lz i could give him (and whoever else is interested) a combinatorics I crash course and am rather excited to teach graph theory. also, i decided to continue italian, even though theoretically i’ve completed my language req because i don’t want to forget it before i actually visit italy, and i might still do my summer research in italy next year. a bit skeptical about psychology of languages but it’s going to be about nitpicky things like semantics and syntax, which i love. will see how that pans out.



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