Today was the one of the best days i’ve had in a long time.
partly because there are no prelims next week. partly because it was halloween. partly because i had company for the whole day, and not vapid company either, i had high quality company. partly because there was so much good music being performed today (unfortunately not by me, lol)

1. so i had my afternoon concert which went relatively scrape-free. bach’s 1st cello suite, liebesleid, what a wonderful world, and unchained melody. was woken up at 7 this morning by the cough (not getting better, ran out of nyquil, running out of cough syrup, at least there are no ‘xams this week but still)

2. met lz and we headed to IC for emily’s concert. which was amazing! eric ewazen and a brass quintet piece by a composer my age. ! i am so indolent and ashamed of my indolence. (not that i am actually going to do anything about it. haha. ze had the cheek to ask me “he’s born in 1989 leh. what have you been doing with your life?” qb!) want to take up a few music courses next yr – conducting and organ. those seem more.. fun (i.e. less work) than an actual composition class although i’d get more out of a composition class because that’d be at an advanced level whereas the other two would be elementary.

3. IC has a really beautiful campus. new, like most singaporean universities, and landscaped – they seem to have got everything cornell’s got, just condensed – lakes, fountains, chapel, slopes, everything! and their music auditoriums were awesome – awesome acoustics, awesome ambience, awesome everything. and then you come back here and listen to stuff in barnes (too poky) or in bailey (too big/sound absorbent) or the statler (stage too unstable). we were walking downhill to the commons and i could see cornell across the valley (since IC and cornell are both on hills) and it really seemed more.. stuckup and unnecessarily large. why do we have so many buildings? why are we constantly renovating? why does it have to look so pretentiously gothic?

4. we were romping about IC while waiting for the bus (i discovered that we are both very good at wasting time. rather, to a large extent, we are not too bothered by the passage of it despite our workload) and we found a lake! it was beautiful, and there were these ducks floating on it that kept waddling up to ask for food but we had none (unless ducks are into beef jerky) after which of course they lost all interest. and right in front of the lake was the IC chapel. which had these french windows that overlooked the lake so the entire congregation would be facing that perfect serenity during the service. i don’t think anybody could be in that chapel without feeling worshipful – it’s not humanly possible. must wrangle an invit to chapel at IC one day so we can go kpo and see what service is like. there was a grand (kawai? i think. wasn’t steinway but didn’t seem as poxy as a kawai) and he asked me to play something.. which is actually a rather difficult request if i don’t have any sheet music on me, because there isn’t much i know by memory. eventually the only fitting piece i knew was Somewhere in time which was really beautiful (the composition, not my playing).

5. more time wasting in the commons :) went to the used book store to poke around and found this awesome ithacan monopolyesque game that is, ad verbatim, an “exciting, fast moving game of travel” where you have coupons and a shopping list and you’re supposed to go to various shops to get stuff before returning home and i guess the fastest person wins? or something. and they have little tickets/coupons for your shopping expedition and the first one i read said “This is a free ticket. It isn’t good for anything, it is just free.” How awesome is that? More shops should have publicity stints like that. that clinched it of course, and we bought it so it’s sitting in my room until i learn how to play it and then we can teach ‘em all, the precious few who might be interested in something so antique. it must be at least 50 years old! if it is described as “fast-moving”. i wonder what today’s youth would have to say about that. probably peg it to irresponsible marketing.

6. we reached the commons at 4.20p and thought there was ample time for lunch, right? before we could catch the 5p bus, and of course we dallied and were such slow pokes that we only got the 6p one. dawdled about finding a place to eat, nosily poked into the cinemapolis (apparently the directors of Beatles Love are coming here next thursday to talk about the film (at the cinemapolis) and it’s free for cornell students. if you’re interested. [awesome the clock just went back an hour! didn’t know daylight savings started today. wow i just realised what you meant by earning an hour super slow today]
and he taught me all about knots and clouds and christian science i taught him er.. how trumpets work. (we were at a trumpet recital) huh. i have surprisingly little general knowledge. (see how arrogant that ‘surprisingly’ is!)

7. headed back to my room so he could see the escher mural right outside my door. and my awesome book collection. and so i could show off my jack-o-lantern, which i’m really proud of :P will put a picture up some day i suppose. was carving at 909 last night and i did a night before christmas jack design. really cute, but ryan wouldn’t let me display my capolavoro at the tower because it’d be a fire hazard. gah!

8. organ concert at sage. it was almost as good as last year, no floating glow in the dark hands this year, but same barrage of geeky musical puns and my lovely professor’s very expressive narration. met holly & co there :D and invited them up the chimes tower for the concert after. and i didn’t have to go alone either, because there is, miraculously, someone with the same interests as me! you’ve no idea how difficult that is to find here, especially with everyone so science-inclined.

9. chimes concert. the make up went well. wasn’t too much of it although i had to chisel it off later so i wouldn’t wake up tomorrow morning with mascara smudged all over and have to go to church like that. lots of my friends came, and lots of singaporeans! which i was surprised by. like lin min and the 909 gang. didn’t really like wearing a costume because that means that people will be staring at you because you look different and i don’t like people looking at me. but it can’t be helped i guess, you can’t be a performer and tell everyone to “avert your eyes! just listen to the music!” i messed up LOADS. the little g minor fugue and the prelude. gosh. was glad when it was my turn to go down man the door and not make anymore unforgivable mistakes in full hearing of everyone. the duets after that were okay though, did a beethoven and also Thriller, because that mv is just awesome. i seriously need to practise more. Did an intense pract of cafe music ytd in lincoln and it is shaping up much better now. bit more bashing and i’ll get to the double bar line, hopefully unscathed.



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