Up the tower three times today. first for my noon concert, then for the wedding concert and then for halloween decorations. i’m tired! didn’t get much sleep last night either thanks to the v. scary match point. (but jonathan rhys meyer is very cute.) i should have known better with woody allen – nothing is -just happy- in his films. anyway.

the noon concert
i was playing ‘la fille aux cheveux de lin’ and someone in the audience recognised it! i should really find out how to pronounce that. it’s apparently one of his fav debussy preludes and he wanted to know if we had la cathédrale engloutie haha i can barely play that on the piano what more on the chimes. and also i met the photographer(glen) who’s having his japan/hk/sg installation up in willard straight. some of the american guests told me i had a slight british accent (like real) and asked me where i was from and i told ‘em and the glen was like “really? you should come see my photo exhibition in the WSH gallery!” and he told me about his trip there when he was with the navy etc. and how much he liked that we spoke english there and he could actually understand the road/mrt signs, quite unlike his experience in tokyo. his pictures are pretty decent you should go check ‘em out he says they’ll be taken down by next week.

the wedding concert
the organiser called the tower a whole 40mins before i was scheduled to play! the concert was scheduled at 2:30p so i was walking up the stairs at 1:50p thinking i had a lot of time to look over the pieces and i’m only obliged to be there from 2:10 – 2:50 (20mins fore and aft the starting time) and then the phone started ringing and i sprinted to the top of the tower and picked it up and was told to start. awesome. so ‘give my regards to davey’ wasn’t as polished as it should have been and i also forgot to turn off the hour bells so right after ‘the way you look tonight’ the 2 o’ clock bells went off in the middle of the concert. thankfully the hour bells are in F major so i segued straight into Ave Maria from there, which was also in F major. well it’s $65 for 15 mins of work which pays better than any job i’ve held before, incl. piano accompaniment which always hovered around $50/hr. i donated the lot of it to the tab missionaries so they can have a very happy christmas. (well the alternative was to buy myself books on amazon, or dvds, whereas these people all over the globe would probably use my money to buy something essential like food. or clothes. y’know.) if i can’t be evangelistically useful here i might as well fund other people who can be.

halloween decor
i put up jack’s smile on the north clock face! it was the most precarious one because there was a 20ft (:O when did i start abandoning the metric system???) drop with almost nothing to hold on to but ryan showed me how and helped me down so i didn’t fall and crack open my head – that’d have been pretty cool halloween decor. the lights and cobwebs are up, and we have a pumpkin patch under the stairs, courtesy of sam. didn’t do l’inverno for my noon concert today as planned since he was sick :( i really want to play it for halloween but considering how he’s already doing the bach toccata and fugue in d, adding l’inverno to his halloween repertoire might just give him a heart attack.

stark vs. gallagher
showdown at forum ytd ;) we’re doing contemporary italian music in forum right now and the two of em were presenting. i really liked ryan (henceforth ryan #2)’s presentation because he had all these electric guitar clips he made himself to show off the timbral range of the electric guitar and how most composers write it off (flippantly) without considering what it can do and the amazing range of sounds it can produce because it’s a ‘rock’ (=pleb) instrument. let me just comment on that parentheses. the gods of rock/metal (see how carelessly i write rock-slash-metal, as if they are both independently trivial enough to be considered as one entity) are people like yngwie malmsteen and steve vai whom many people admire for their shredding ability or high speed technique. is the music they play, composed with impressive technique as the means and the ends of it all? much in the vein of liszt or paganini? does the music they play have any substance apart from how good it looks on stage (with dreadlocks) and how their fingers can be a spidery blur up and down the fretboard? we didn’t have a conclusion (as with most things in forum haha) but perhaps you can see a little more clearly why some genres of music are viewed to be less-important than others by musical snobs. it’s just so weird thinking of ryan #2 with an e. guitar.. straight-laced, juilliard grad, ryan. who’da thunk it. and he sounded really good too! we went through the les paul and the stratocaster functions and he also showed us the e-bow for e. guitar – a handheld bow you use to instigate string vibrations without actually plucking, giving the strings an infinite sustain, completely eliminating the attack+decay. it can imitate the sound of strings and woodwinds and i think it really gives the guitar concerto potential, now that it may be heard over the rest of the orchestra without decaying mega fast. other music dept updates: zack’ll be performing next tues with les petit violons and i really want to go hear him sing but i think there’s going to be bell choir. ack. also, i missed the fri night vln/pno concert in the end and opted to go for crusade.. and now everyone’s raving over the debussy sonata on fb T-T GAH.

esposito vs. thng
was at the keyboard again trying to pound some sense out of café music to no avail. why is the piano part so much more difficult than the rest of the parts? ted’s parts are far more shapely than mine, and even after 2 hrs of brute-forcing i didn’t sound like much and was completely exhausted. i have to give the music time to settle, i think. 2 days of intensive pract isn’t going to do miracles. owell. talent is talent. and it is obviously in short supply in me.

math research
i’ve revived matlab after 1 year :) have been programming something to give me the betti numbers and to find the ith homology groups of various manifold triangulations. it works for the torus and for the annulus but it doesn’t seem to work for the möbius strip. although i don’t think it’s an inherent glitch with the programme inasmuch as a mis-triangulation of the möbius strip. spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to count the pivotal ones in a matrix before remembering the rank function which i -nearly- programmed from scratch because i am just noob that way. but i am v. proud of betti.m! considering i haven’t programmed in yonks and even when i was doing that cs course darling darwin did most of my homework for me hahaha.



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